Buy New Liberty University BUSI 330 Quiz 7 

Buy New Liberty University BUSI 330 Quiz 7

  • Which of the following is most accurate in describing influencer marketing?
  • Which of the following smartphone apps is made possible through mobile marketing?
  • Which of the following is a guideline for marketing and promoting a brand using YouTube?
  • The social media website open to anyone age 13 and over where users may create a personal profile; add other users as friends; and exchange comments, photos, videos, and “likes” with them is known as
  • A company paying a set amount to Facebook for every time a user clicks on its ad is used as a performance measure, whereas a company that pays pennies for every 1,000 times its ad loads on a Facebook page,e and people may see it is usin as a performance measure.
  • The various forms of online media content that are publicly available and
  • created by end users is referred to as
  • User-generated content refers to the broad set of interactive messaging options that are used to communicate through personal mobile devices.
  • Updates to social media known as include additional functionalities that allow personalization and customization to each individual based on location, interests, and needs.
  • All of the following statements about user-generated content (UGC) are true except which?
  • The social network primarily used for professional networking and job searching is
  • All of the following are considered by brand managers as they determine their social media content except which?
  • Recently, Facebook made all of the following changes to its mobile capabilities except which?
  • Web 3.0 is expected to integrate
  • Which of the following social media networks does Body Glove use as the foundation of its customer service function?
  • Individuals and organizations can establish themselves as “experts” in their given field, thereby becoming “influencers” in that field. But with social media, credibility can be established by
  • As a performance measure for social networks, the number of page views divided by visitors in a given time period is referred to as
  • The business-oriented website that lets users post their profiles and connect to a network of businesspeople is
  • Which of the following is the largest analytical platform that can respond to queries in facts, photos, and direct answers?
  • According to Figure 17-4 above, B is the performance measure referred to as
  • To engage fans on Facebook, a good strategy is for a brand manager to use it to
  • The performance measure for social networks known as average page views per visitor is the number of
  • The marketing challenge for the brand manager using a Facebook page is to post and create content that will generate the best response. This goal can be accomplished by all of the following except which?
  • If a brand manager wanted to use LinkedIn to promote his or her brand, the best option would be to
  • In using , brand managers can post images of their company’s products on their board in hopes that they will be shared on other themed boards, or that users will follow the links back to their websites.
  • As a performance measure for social networks, the total number of people who connect with a post (for example, “like” or make a comment) divided by the total number of people seeing the post is the
  • As a performance measure for social networks, the percentage of recipients who have clicked on a link on the page to visit a specific site is the
  • Pinterest is
  • The number of people who have opted into a brand’s messages through a social media platform at a given time is referred to as
  • Cost per thousand (CPM) is a measure in which

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