Buy New Liberty University BUSI 681 Quiz 1 

Buy New Liberty University BUSI 681 Quiz 1


  1. All of the following are disadvantages of scheduling overtime EXCEPT
  2. A contractor finished a bridge across a lake 18 months early and received more than $6 million for the early completion. This is an example of reducing project duration caused by
  3. Because direct costs are assumed to be developed from “normal” methods and in a “normal” amount of time, any reduction in activity time should add to the costs of the activity.
  4. The cost slope of an activity is calculated by dividing the run by the rise.
  5. Insensitive networks are a rarity; Planning for a sensitive network is more practical.
  6. Which of the following correctly calculates an activity’s cost slope?
  7. Making the decision to crash is the result of careful fiscal analysis and deep understanding of the project.
  8. Crashing activities on a project network that is sensitive could increase the risk of the project being late.
  9. Managers have several effective methods for crashing specific project activities when resources are not constrained.
  10. Compressing activities on a project with a sensitive project network will:
  11. One of the advantages of using a project cost-duration graph is that it keeps the importance of indirect costs in the forefront of decision making.
  12. When it is necessary to reduce project duration and resources are constrained, which of the following is NOT a reasonable option?
  13. Before crashing, direct costs for an activity represent normal costs, which typically mean low-cost, efficient methods for completing the activity in a(n) ________ amount of time.
  14. Which of the following is NOT considered a project indirect cost?
  15. Shortening an activity’s duration is termed crashing.
  16. When the project team is salaried, which of the following is the preferred choice for accelerating project completion?
  17. When crashing an activity, you always crash to its crash point.
  18. The simplest way to reduce cost on a project is to reduce the scope of a project.
  19. The less steep the cost slope of an activity, the
  20. Brooks’ law states that adding manpower to a software project helps keep it on schedule.
  21. Which of the following is NOT a rational reason to reduce project duration?
  22. The relationship between the normal point and the crash point is assumed to be
  23. Crashing frequently results in over allocation of resources.
  24. Resources are frequently over-allocated when crashing a schedule.
  25. Which of the following is NOT one of the more commonly used options for cutting project costs?
  26. It is going to cost $80,000 a day simply to house and feed a construction crew in the farthest reaches of northern Alaska. This would be an example of a situation requiring reducing the project duration due to
  27. When reducing project duration, the duration for a project that is optimal is at the point where
  28. An activity’s crash cost includes ________ costs.
  29. Indirect costs generally represent overhead costs such as supervision, administration, consultants, and interest.
  30. Intense global competition and rapid technological advances create pressure to develop projects rapidly. This is an example of reducing project duration caused by.

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