Buy New Liberty University HIEU 566 Quiz 4

Buy New Liberty University HIEU 566 Quiz 4



  • Which English leader permanently allowed Jews to return to England?
  • The philosopher Baruch Spinoza was seen as an atheist and unbeliever after publishing which two tracts?
  • In England, the Glorious Revolution occurred in what year?
  • Who revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685?
  • Which towns had more bells in them after the Reformation?
  • The “French Pox” was a name given to which disease epidemic in the sixteenth century?
  • The English Parliament introduced harsh death penalties for which sexual sins?
  • Which saint gained a markedly improved position in the Catholic Church in the Early
  • The Ursulines were an order of nuns responsible for what activity in society?
  • The author of De Revolutionibus that challenged the geocentric view of the universe in favor of heliocentrism was:
  • Syphilis was particularly feared for all of the following EXCEPT:
  • Rene Descartes embodied the Age of Reason by determining reason based on human consciousness and the study of:
  • Which Enlightenment thinker published Letters concerning Toleration after the Glorious Revolution?
  • What was the family name of the powerful, wealthy bankers from Augsburg?
  • Protestant teachings on divorce, as expressed by the reformer Martin Bucer,
  • If the events of the Reformation set the world on its course to the modern day, how far ahead do you think the Reformers envisioned modern society being? Is this the future they envisioned? If so, provide examples that indicate If not, what points acted as departures from what the Reformers wanted.

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