Buy New Liberty University HIUS 390 Quiz 5 

Buy New Liberty University HIUS 390 Quiz 5



Set 1

  1. What was true about Virginia’s 1891 General Assembly that had not been true since Virginia’s readmission to the Union?
  2. What caused the Readjusters Party to begin to break down in Virginia?
  3. What was ultimately responsible for Virginia losing its position as the leading tobacco producer in the country, nearly 300 years after the plant had saved the colony?
  4. According to the textbook authors, what was NOT a result of the racism Virginia experienced around the turn of the 20thcentury (the 1900s)?
  5. Which group of people in Virginia supported the Readjusters in their fight over the Funding Act?
  6. What did the Funders, who supported the Funding Act, base their position on?
  7. What consumed most of the political rhetoric in the 1870s in Virginia?
  8. What Reconstruction military district did Virginia fall in?
  9. Why did Virginia not participate in America’s centennial celebration in 1876?
  10. Who were the ultimate losers in the Reconstruction era in Virginia?
  11. When the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities was first established to protect Virginia’s historical sites and buildings, what did it mostly focus on?
  12. What hampered the Republicans in Virginia from creating a majority party and eventually led to their defeat?
  13. What was the movement called that aimed to diversify agriculture across the south and expand industrial capabilities?
  14. Virginia’s substantial gains from the New South initiative ultimately saw the state do what?
  15. What made Marion Harland’s cookbook so readable?
  16. What was Marion Harland one of the first to do in her cookbook that is now standard practice?
  17. At its height, what was the largest number of veterans who resided at the R. E. Lee Camp Soldiers’ Home?
  18. At what age did Marion Harland first start submitting stories for publication in magazines?
  19. After they joined a major league association, how did the Richmond Virginias represent the New South?
  20. What year did the last resident of the R. E. Lee Camp Soldiers’ Home die?

Set 2

  1. What caused Virginia to secede from the Union on April 17, 1861?
  2. What previous events did John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry evoke in the minds of Virginians?
  3. What two notable proposals did William Preston put forth to Virginia decision-makers throughout his career?
  4. The Virginia Resolutions, countering the Wilmot Proviso, espoused what ideas?
  5. What was NOT a reason Lee had for crossing into Maryland in 1862?
  6. What was the official reason given for Virginia’s secession from the union?
  7. Which Virginian officer who rose to prominence during the Civil War had Old Virginia connections to the Washington, Lee, and Carter families?
  8. Why was a negotiated peace not possible after Abraham Lincoln’s reelection in 1864?
  9. Which political party did the Kansas-Nebraska bill ultimately destroy?
  10. Why did Virginia become the primary battleground of the Civil War?
  11. What was Virginia’s Congressional representatives’ overarching response to the Compromise of 1850?
  12. What event did President Lincoln use to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, transforming the war into a revolutionary event?
  13. What made many Virginians become open to the idea of a dissolution of the Union?
  14. How many of the five bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place within one county in Virginia?
  15. What two things best represent the main Civil War experience in southwestern Virginia?
  16. What did Staunton’s newspaper, The Vindicator, point to warn Virginians they could expect a Republican in the White House to use the office to protect wanted murderers?
  17. Which side had control of the Cumberland Gap between Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee during the Civil War?
  18. When Abraham Lincoln sailed into Richmond following that city’s surrender to Union forces, how many vessels did he arrive with?
  19. What were most of the patients at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond hospitalized for?
  20. What was a primary target for guerrilla fighters in Virginia during the Civil War?

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