Buy New Liberty University PLST 235 Test 2 

Buy New Liberty University PLST 235 Test 2

  1. The medical power of attorney:
  2. A document that allows a person to determine if and when life-sustaining procedures will be instituted in the instance that the person has a terminal illness is called:
  3. A DNRO is often prepared by the patient’s physician, whereas a living will is usually
  4. The DNRO is often drafted on what color paper?
  5. This is a declaration that directs the kind of medical care a person wants in the event that person suffers from a terminal condition, or is in a persistent vegetative state:
  6. Each jurisdiction has its own specific requirements regarding living wills.
  7. The Florida law, known as “Terri’s Law” stated:
  8. Neither surrogates nor agents under a medical power of attorney may give consent for abortions or admission into a mental facility.
  9. A healthcare surrogate is not legally allowed to make healthcare decisions on behalf of the declarant if they are unable to give consent.
  10. Advance directives are witnessed written documents or oral
  11. One of the first right-to-die cases, Karen Ann Quinlan, was granted the right to die based on:
  12. An example of an advanced directive is a do-not-resuscitate order (DNRO).
  13. Which of the following is not discussed as needed to show that a stepparent is a de facto parent?
  14. According to the U.S. 2010 census, how many children live in a grandparent-headed household?
  15. Which case by the United States Supreme Court in 2015 presumed that a person may marry any person, whether straight, gay, transgender, non-binary or another identifying factor for gender, is legal throughout the U.S?
  16. In the case of a grandparent who is raising a grandchild and medical care:
  17. The Uniform Transfer to Minors Act allows for the transfer of:
  18. Children cannot be conceived posthumously.
  19. Which of the following is not discussed in this chapter in regard to grandparents and their grandchildren?
  20. Which of the following is not listed as a possible solution to the problem of stepchildren not inheriting from a stepparent?
  21. In some instances, if a grandparent is raising a grandchild and the parent has not given the grandparent power of attorney to obtain medical care for the child, the grandparent must:
  22. Statistics indicate that the number of families with stepparents and stepchildren will grow over time.
  23. Estate planning for a gay married couple does not require the same careful planning and review of assets.
  24. If a grandparent raising a grandchild dies without executing a will, laws distribute everything to the parent, not the grandchild.
  25. The laws and statutes surrounding same-sex marriages have been completely and successfully established and it is unlikely that further court litigation will be needed in this matter.

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