Buy New Liberty University PSYC 430 Quiz 1 

Buy New Liberty University PSYC 430 Quiz 1

  1. Which psychoanalytic theorist is noted for his study of the unconscious?
  2. Which of the following individuals is regarded as the best-known figure in psychiatry and psychology?
  3. Hippocrates attributed abnormality to:
  4. Who among the following maintained that abnormal behavior was caused by excessive blood in the brain?
  5. According to Franz Anton Mesmer,
  6. Which historical figures argued that some forms of madness were divine and could be the source of great literary and prophetic gifts?
  7. The supernatural perspective on abnormality is most supported as an approach to treatment.
  8. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks held that a woman’s uterus:
  9. The experiment that demonstrated that dogs could be conditioned to salivate to stimuli other than food was conceptualized by
  10. Which of the following is true about a widespread response to individuals who were considered insane in ancient times?
  11. Which of the following people conceptualized the theory of self-efficacy beliefs?
  12. Some states have, individuals who have graduate training in counseling beyond a bachelor’s degree in counseling but have not obtained a Ph.D.
  13. Unified Protocol targets processes of psychopathology common across
  14. In the context of neurotransmitter functioning, degradation refers to the. was developed by Carl Rogers.
  15. Which of the following statements is true about the various structures of the brain?
  16. According to Freud, girls suffer anxiety when they recognize that they do not have a penis. This frustration causes them to form a connection with their father, in the hope that the relationship will provide a replacement for the missing penis. According to Freudian theory, this is known as
  17. Lena is extremely opinionated and over-controlling. She is often stingy with her money and is obsessed with neatness and order. According to Freudian theory, Lena is most likely fixated on which psychosexual stage of development?
  18. A key assumption behind acceptance and commitment therapy is that, that is, ignoring painful thoughts, memories, and feelings, is/are at the heart of many mental health problems.
  19. Research suggests that many young girls who develop eating disorders are members of
  20. Which of the following statements is indicative of culturally sensitive approaches that therapists may use when treating clients?
  21. A is a treatment, usually based on a theory of a phenomenon, that addresses those factors the theory says cause the phenomenon.
  22. In the context of the schedules of reinforcement in operant conditioning, if the behavior is
  23. reinforced, it is more difficult to extinguish.
  24. In Freudian theory, which term describes the situation of a child not progressing from one psychosexual stage to the next?
  25. In classical psychodynamic therapy, clients have painful memories and difficult issues gaining a new understanding and providing self-definitions that are acceptable to them.

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