Buy new Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 8

Buy new Liberty University SOWK 250 Quiz 8


  • An important part of our vocabulary should be the word “No” even though we hesitate to say it.
  • _____________ to integrating self-care in our lives protects the passion and dedication that led us to our profession.
  • A social worker must accept that some clients, despite ____________, are not ready for growth and that some will not change.
  • Parker-Pope (2015) discusses research that shows expressive writing has positive benefits among people with _______________ and cancer.
  • What is the first step in the process of getting a better night’s sleep?
  • An important aspect of creativity is the emphasis on process over product.
  • Appropriate self-care involves knowing that our profession is not our life and that our clients can never compensate for any pain or deprivation we or those we love and care about may have known.
  • SMART stands for Specific, Memorable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Limited.
  • Which is not one of the three attendant syndromes of burnout we have studied?
  • According to psychologist Rollo May “The process of bringing something new into being” is described as what?

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