Buy New LIFC 202 Quiz Life Coach

Buy New LIFC 202 Quiz Life Coach



LIFC 202 Life Coach Overview

  1. Chapter 1 gives a thorough explanation of why this field is specifically called “Life” coaching. Which is the correct explanation?
  2. Chapter 2 lists five main life circumstances that direct people to life coaching. Which does not belong on this list?
  3. According to chapter 2, what is often the first goal to work toward in life coaching?
  4. Generally speaking, those coming to you for life coaching are knowledgeable about what life coaching is and what it is not.
  5. In reference to the five categories of why someone will seek life coaching, the first three categories are listed as a(n) ____________ happening, while categories four and five are listed as __________ happenings.
  6. Chapter 2 lists a number of benefits clients were receiving from life coaching, according to a survey conducted by the Association for Coaching. Which one does not belong on this list?
  7. According to the book, what is the difference between life coaching and executive coaching?
  8. The end of chapter 2 lists a number of important reasons to make contracts with your future clients in order to set expectations early on. Which is not one of these reasons?
  9. There are three main branches of Life Coaching. Which does not belong?
  10. In the coaching profession, the coach sets the goals for the client.

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