Buy New LIFC 302 Quiz 1

Buy New LIFC 302 Quiz 1



LIFC 302 Quiz 1: Marriage Coaching and Mentoring


  1. “Subtle selfishness is guaranteed to leave every married couple feeling more like roommates than soulmates.”
  2. How did marriage coaching affect Bob and Patrice’s relationship in the example from the book?
  3. For readers who are facing a crisis point in their marriage, what does the author provide?
  4. What is one of the most important questions for couples to ask themselves when making decisions about their marriage?
  5. These stages—numbing disbelief, yearning and searching, disorganization, and despair— collectively are all part of the process called
  6. The key to mentoring a good marriage to greatness when the mentorees are new parents is to help this new dad undergo the same intensely wonderful transformation his wife is undergoing.
  7. What does the author mean when he says, “very often less is more”?
  8. The section in the book about math in marriage coaching is used to explain what concept?
  9. According to Les and Leslie Parrott, which is a caution flag for marriage mentors?
  10. In dealing with conflict in marriage, it is important to attack the issue, not the _____.
  11. The number one goal for both partners in a marriage that has experienced infidelity is
  12. What is described as the well-spring of our deepest desires?
  13. Both the husband and wife must learn how to expand their sense of “one-ness” to “we-ness” in their own way when a baby comes into the picture.
  14. This is one of the most common marriage mentoring mistakes:
  15. John and Susan paid attention to certain areas in their marriage when they began mentoring Kate and Michael. This situation is referred to as:
  16. All of the following are important views of self for mentors to have:
  17. What is one of the most important questions an individual hoping to help another can ask?
  18. The authors have always experienced a happy marriage, which is why they can coach other couples so well.
  19. Like in the story of Odysseus, marriage mentors become the _______ of the marriages you mentor.
  20. What is the single most important factor in successful marriage mentoring?
  21. Most unconscious role expectations are permanent and must learn to be accepted within new marriages.
  22. Loss creates one of the loneliest experiences on earth, even in the middle of a good marriage.
  23. In mentoring, silence is a sign that you need to say something because it means that something has gone wrong.
  24. It is beneficial to remind mentoree couples that it is not important for a couple to continue to work on their marriage once they transition from husband and wife to dad and mom.
  25. As marriage mentors, we must remind mentoree couples going through hard times that although they may have had little or no control over the issue, they can control their response to the occurrence.
  26. The two critical dynamics necessary for the success of mentoring relationships are:
  27. Grief and addiction have this in common:
  28. If necessary, marriage mentors may need to compromise their values and convictions in working with other couples.
  29. Mentoring must be amoral in order to refrain from passing judgment on the personhood of the mentorees as human beings.
  30. “Nothing is more fulfilling than playing a role in helping a married couple battle something bad and win.”
  31. Moving through content slowly means that the couple is probably not willing to really put in the effort required to stay together.
  32. Couples need to attend marriage counseling in order to effectively learn the skills of asking questions, listening, and setting goals.
  33. Understanding what one partner wants and needs allows the other partner to better meet those wants and needs and vice versa.
  34. According to the authors, one of the deadliest saboteurs of a healthy marriage is what?
  35. According to the authors, a marriage mentoring relationship is ________ established by mutual agreement between a more experienced couple and a fewer experiences couple for the purpose of ______ the less experienced couple.
  36. It’s better to focus on ____________, because ______________________________
  37. Coaches are described as being the most influential resources for struggling couples because coaches get to spend a significant amount of time with couples, and they get an all-encompassing view of the marriage.
  38. All of the above are caution flags for those wanting to become marriage mentors except:
  39. The author says that marriage can be
  40. How did the couple at the beginning of chapter 3 illustrate “pillow talk”?
  41. A marriage mentor is a more experienced couple who helps another couple successfully navigate a journey they have already taken.
  42. For most couples who are doing pretty well, their primary stumbling block is either the lack of time or the lack of good communication.
  43. Putting oneself in the shoes of the couple being mentored is displaying _______.
  44. The couple did not find the author helpful and after several more weeks of conflict, the couple separated.
  45. All of the following are among the most important roles mentors play:
  46. According to Peter Senge, what is the first rule of learning?
  47. The author compares the process and content of marriage to
  48. All of the following are issues many new couples face regarding in-laws:
  49. A mentor couple is NOT:
  50. In order to keep the romance alive every couple needs to:

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