Buy New NBST 520 Quiz Romans Corinthians Galatians

Buy New NBST 520 Quiz Romans Corinthians Galatians



  • According to Elwell, theologians describe the two different understandings of the gospel manifest in the Corinthian letters as
  • Paul deals with head coverings in public worship in which of his letters?
  • In which letter does Paul recount his post-Damascus Road visit with Cephas (Simon Peter)?
  • Jesus’ words at the “institution of the Lord’s Supper” are remembered in three of the four Gospels and in this Pauline letter:
  • According to Elwell, which theologian’s commentary on Romans helped to break the dominance of liberal theology, at least for a time?
  • According to the presentations, the center of Paul’s theology in Galatians is not so much “justification by faith” as the incarnation of “Christ in me.”
  • According to the presentations, the “New Perspective on Paul” argues that Paul’s phrase “works of Law” does not refer to keeping the Law to earn salvation but rather to Jewish “identity markers,” such as circumcision, Sabbath observance, and the like.
  • According to Elwell, the theme of Romans is that the gospel is “the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentiles.”
  • According to Elwell, the judicial platform on which Roman city officials, such as Gallio in Corinth, stood to mete out justice was called the
  • Chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians deals explicitly with the importance of the resurrection for the Christian.
  • According to the presentations, while Paul’s letters are real letters, they are not purely personal letters.
  • Some Corinthian Christians were bringing lawsuits against each other in a manner that disturbed Paul.
  • In which of Paul’s letters does he use an allegory of the Old Testament story of Hagar and Sarah?
  • Paul established the church in Corinth during which missionary journey?
  • Which of the following women was singled out by Paul in Romans 16 for commendation for her service to the church in Cenchraea?
  • According to Elwell, the collection Paul gathered from Gentile congregations to assist Jewish believers in Palestine was more than just financial assistance; it was a living object lesson.
  • According to Elwell, it is likely that the early church arranged Paul’s letters from the longest (Romans) to the shortest (Philemon).
  • Ancient Corinth played host to which Greek athletic contest:
  • According to the presentations, you can identify the questions the Corinthian delegation brought to Paul because in 1 Corinthians he takes up each question with the phrase “now concerning….”
  • According to Elwell, virtually all the points of Paul’s preaching in Galatia, as recorded by Luke in Acts 13, are echoed in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians.


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