Buy New NBST 610 Quiz 3

Buy New NBST 610 Quiz 3



NBST 610 Quiz: Application, Gospels, Acts, Letters, and Revelation

  1. Match the following rhetorical terms often used with letters with their appropriate
  2. One of the examples discussed of an over-spiritualized fanciful interpretation concerned:
  3. Some of the Christians reading (or hearing) Revelation were compromising with the pagan world to avoid persecution.
  4. In the New Testament, we find more informal, personal letters as well as more formal
  5. Our spiritual maturity affects our ability to hear the voice of the
  6. What position did we take on interpreting Acts?
  7. What did the color blue actually symbolize to the people of the Ancient Near East?
  8. Which one of the following literary genres–letter, wisdom, prophecy, and apocalyptic–are not found in Revelation?
  9. The revelation was probably written during the reign of the emperor
  10. When we speak about the “author” of Scripture, we are speaking about both the human author and the divine
  11. Because New Testament letters are occasional, we must try to reconstruct the original situation that called for the letter in the first
  12. According to Klein et, interpreters should ignore the particular emphases of a specific Gospel when interpreting a passage in that Gospel.
  13. According to Klein et al., which of the following best defines a letter that shows signs of the genre “diatribe”?
  14. According to Klein et, the Bible was not given to us for our enjoyment.
  15. According to Klein et, New Testament letters are nothing like other ancient letters and should not be compared to them.
  16. The book of Revelation is the only New Testament document that contains the genre of the epistle, prophecy, and
  17. In the New Testament, the word “gospel” comes from the Greek term euangelion and means “gospel” or “good ”
  18. As theological history, the book of Acts is not considered
  19. For Klein et valid theology is only gained by systematic reading of a text through a particular theological viewpoint.
  20. Application of the principles of the Bible is important because Scripture repeatedly states that people ought to obey (i.e., apply) God’s

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