Buy New OTCL 520 Quiz 4

Buy New OTCL 520 Quiz 4



  1. Month
  2. What do you add to turn ten (עֶשֶׂר) to twenty, three (ׁשְׁ ֫לש) to thirty, etc.?
  3. Night
  4. Enemy
  5. ֫ל י ְ ל ה
  6. If an attributive or demonstrative adjective is added to a construct chain, where must it be written?
  7. Masculine ordinals end in
  8. Monosyllabic nouns in the construct state will experience
  9. Again
  10. יד
  11. ֶ ֫ר ג ֶ ל
  12. זֶ֫רע
  13. There, then
  14. שְׁ ֫לשׁ ֵמאו֫ת :Translate
  15. שְׁנֵיהֶם : Translate
  16. The Hebrew number one (ֶאחד ) is used as a(n)
  17. Certain singular monosyllabic nouns will add hireq yod (ִי ) to their stem when in the construct state.
  18. ֵ֫ספֶרא ִ֫ביהוּ :Translate
  19. What is the masculine plural ending for nouns in the construct state?
  20. The Hebrew number two (שְׁנ֫יִם) is classified as a noun.

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