Buy New RSCH 201 Quiz 3

Buy New RSCH 201 Quiz 3

  1. Ethical research is of the utmost importance. Hence the existence of the IRB. Why is the IRB so necessary? (select all that apply).
  2. Beneficence is an ethical research principle meaning:
  3. What is informed consent?
  4. The principle of beneficence refers to:
  5. What do ethical norms or standards in research help to build?
  6. Representation is an issue concerning what question:
  7. The first principle, respect for persons, states what?
  8. An example given in the book of research done outside of the rules of human subjects’ protection was:
  9. Research involves many ______ among many different people.
  10. What is the job of the Institutional Research Boards?
  11. Confidentiality in research is:
  12. What was the first set of principles outlining professional ethics for medical research?
  13. Anonymity in research is:
  14. Is there any research that is exempt from obtaining informed consent? Why or why not?
  15. What are relational ethics?
  16. Legitimation is an issue concerning what question:
  17. Nonmaleficence maintains:
  18. Is it possible to remain objective in research? Why or why not?
  19. What is the responsibility of researchers?
  20. What is ethical research?

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