Buy New SOWK 135 Quiz 4-5-6-8

Buy New SOWK 135 Quiz 4-5-6-8


SOWK 135 Quiz: Medical and Geriatric Social Work Services

  1. All of the following are effects of Myria’s Christianity except…
  2. What is one of the biggest challenges with homeless patients?
  3. Which characteristic does not describe Mr. Smith?
  4. According to Adrienne in the video, part of her job as a geriatric social worker was
  5. While in the homes of patients, Kara tries to take the role of a ___________.
  6. True or False: Courtney’s grandfather influenced her life as a young child and set her life course.
  7. Which Supreme Court case gave Martha and those fighting for the rights of individuals with severe disabilities firmer ground from which to battle?
  8. True or False: Jon’s struggle with diabetes allowed him to understand his patients better.
  9. True or False: In the video, Stephanie discusses her particular role as a hospital social worker as one who develops relationships with patients who continually return to the emergency room.
  10. Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy is a theoretical approach that focuses on how people can find meaning in their lives through love, work, and

SOWK 135 Quiz: Refugees and Immigrant Services

  1. Aurora educated immigrants that they _____ answer an officer’s questions about where they were born.
  2. At their comité meeting discussed in the book, what did the group discuss?
  3. Aurora believes that social work has operationalized her spiritual gift of
  4. According to the PowerPoint presentation, social workers for refugees/immigrants are involved in all of the following except…
  5. What is Karen’s least favorite part of her job?
  6. Aurora’s mother noticed a sense of compassion in Aurora when she
  7. True or False: Refugees are a special population of immigrants.
  8. According to the text, Karen has helped refugees with all of the following…
  9. True or False: With Aurora’s leadership, IRC led a statewide campaign that successfully defeated more than 80 anti-immigrant bills in the state legislature.
  10. What event in Karen’s life was a source of conflict within her family?

SOWK 135 Quiz: Criminal Justice, Workforce Development, Military, and EAP

  1. How does David describe relationships that are redeemed?
  2. True or False: Behavioral change that happens quickly is often a reaction to external forces and is not based on a real change in attitude.
  3. True or False: Tamika cared about her son, despite how frustrated she was with the poor choices Daquan had been making.
  4. David believes mental health services need to be better connected to families through which two institutions?
  5. Which is not a part of Job Prep?
  6. Ilene decided to try this new approach with JoAnn.
  7. To avoid “vicarious trauma,” Laura regularly processes her experiences by consulting whom?
  8. The focus of Irene’s Family Advocacy Program was to ___________________ in family violence and other challenges that families face when they have a family member in the military.
  9. True or False: According to the Air Force, Irene is first an officer, then a social worker.
  10. In the video, Denise explained that as a private practice therapist, she worked with

SOWK 135 Quiz: Church and Mission-Based Services

  1. True or False: Chanphen’s goal is to bring people to Jesus, not to bring Jesus to people.
  2. Champion emphasizes the importance of showing God’s love by
  3. True or False: According to the video, social work is rarely seen in the church but is more a function of missions.
  4. Heather explains how missionaries serving in remote villages often had no concept of
  5. What changes has Chanphen been able to make in her organization?
  6. True or False: Heather discouraged the “American Denominational Model.”
  7. True or False: With the help of Heather and the church, Carlota was able to escape prostitution and find a job at a local grocery store.
  8. After quitting her job as a businesswoman, Chanphen started working as a
  9. What do Heather and her husband initially offer those on the street, in hopes that they will form relationships?
  10. Which is not a regular task for Heather?

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