Buy New SOWK 450 Quiz 1-2-3

Buy New SOWK 450 Quiz 1-2-3

SOWK 450 Quiz 1
  1. Which of the following is a cross-cultural concern frequently experienced by cultural minorities?
  2. is the cross-cultural curative factor that is defined as the client’s perception of the practitioner’s ability to help.
  3. Who tore down the wall of hostility?
  4. Which of the following is a coping strategy used by minority group members in response to a dominant culture?
  5. research flows from data observed in the field, with the result being that theory is created from the data observed.
  6. Other cross cultural curative factors are ___________.
  7. Which of the following are reflective of the two groups divided by the wall of hostility in Ephesians chapter 2?
  8. _is defined as having a common identity, sense of belonging, and membership in a cultural group with similar traits and customs.
  9. Curative factors identify strengths important in empowering clients at the ____________level.
  10. Cross-cultural curative factors _________________.
SOWK 450 Quiz 2
  1. One way “personalismo” is expressed is by
  2. Which of the following is true of Hispanic cultures?
  3. A major goal in the Hispanic culture is ____
  4. The Hispanic community tends to have which of these characteristics in common?
  5. Friendship is viewed as
  6. Chimamanda Adichie warned against the
  7. The term “verguenza” refers to
  8. The term “simpatico” refers to
  9. To be competent and effective within the Hispanic community, social workers should be
  10. Which of the following have U.S. citizenship?
SOWK 450 Quiz 3
  1. The black church is an important institution in African American culture. The black church provides for spiritual needs, as well as food and shelter for some, serves as a central point for socialization and social support, and is a significant force in
  2. Spontaneous expression of feelings is
  3. As a result of unemployment, poverty, and racism in the United States, many African American families have found it both necessary and advantageous to develop and use a variety of _______________. This is referred to as role flexibility.
  4. An energetic and animated conversation generally leads to
  5. For African Americans, cultural duality means living in two worlds–the white dominant world and the black immediate culture. If social workers do not understand the history of ethnic and racial oppression and discrimination in America and racism in present-day American society, we can wrongly classify the process of duality as
  6. African American social work clients are frequently concerned that white service providers do not relate to the depth and intensity of pain caused by
  7. According to the presentation, which culture tends to have lower birth weights than others?
  8. is/are experienced far more often by people of color than by white people
  9. One of the rituals of worship is the Sawm in the Muslim community. This means
  10. In Islam, Alhamdulillah means ‘Praise be to God.’ It is said in response to ____

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