Buy New THEO 360 Quiz 1

Buy New THEO 360 Quiz 1

  • If we can understand the world of the Bible from the perspective of biblical authors, we can learn a divinely inspired perspective.
  • Hamilton suggests that we do not need to think about literature as we think about interpreting the Bible.
  • We must begin biblical theology with Christ and not with the Old Testament.
  • Studying the Bible is not the best way to do biblical theology.
  • Christian theism treats the matter of sin seriously.
  • Which of the following is NOT one of the problems that Goldsworthy lists as Christians meet when they read the Old Testament?
  • The Bible’s narrative arc begins with the birth of Christ.
  • The biblical authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit which gave them a level of certainty about their interpretive conclusions that we cannot have about ours.
  • Goldsworthy suggests that the differences in denominational beliefs are going to be solved by biblical theology.
  • Doing theology correctly has nothing to do with being saved.
  • Presuppositions assumptions are what we make in order to hold some fact to be true.
  • One of the primary biblical aims of biblical theology is to understand and embrace the worldview of biblical authors.
  • Every Christian by definition knows God, thinks about God, and makes statements about God.
  • Biblical Theology examines the development of the biblical story from the Old Testament to the New Testament.
  • Theistic humanists believe that a god exists and can be known.
  • The last stage of Exegetical Theology is biblical theology.
  • The biblical authors who followed Moses in the Old Testament learned the interpretive perspective that Moses modeled for them.
  • Which of the following is NOT one of the distinct operations of exegesis?
  • Secular humanism assumes that we as human beings are in control of the whole process of gaining knowledge.
  • Studying the Bible is the best way to learn from the bible how to read the Bible as a Christian should.
  • Pastoral Theology looks for principles that are to be drawn from our knowledge of God and which may be applied validly to various candidates for pastoral care.
  • The following is a definition of which term? The process of getting out of a text what it actually says in its original setting.
  • The meaning of the Bible is not settled purely on the basis of our understanding of its inspiration and authority.
  • To do biblical theology is to think about the whole story of the Bible.
  • Historical theology in not interested in the struggles that have taken place in the attempt to establish true theology.

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