Buy New WRIT 403 Final

Buy New WRIT 403 Final



  1. Which of the following sentences effectively uses plain language appropriate for business correspondence?
  2. According to Chapter 14, it is inappropriate to use headings in memos.
  3. The Bible is not referenced in APA because that source is a classical work.
  4. What is the difference between the conclusion section and the recommendation section of a report?
  5. According to Chapter 18, the conclusion section of a typical recommendation report provides a summary of the report.
  6. If your sentence already includes the source’s name, you still must cite the name and date in the parenthetical citation.
  7. According to Markel and Selber (2018), which of these would be included in the front matter for a report?
  8. You are writing a research paper on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) on groundwater in your state. Through your research, you have found that a professor at a university in another state, Dr. Thomas Henry Wright, has conducted extensive research on the subject. You decide to write an inquiry letter to ask him some questions. Which salutation is most appropriate for your letter?
  9. In the reference list, the book title should be italicized.
  10. Which of the following forms of delivery is best to use if a presenter must clearly communicate precise safety data?
  11. The terms letter and memo are interchangeable.
  12. If your source is authored by an organization rather than a person, cite that source as anonymous.
  13. Which of the following statements is true?
  14. When quoting the Bible, you should cite the version you are using (ESV, KJV, etc.).
  15. In the recommendation section of a recommendation report, you should avoid recommending that the organization take no action or no action at this time.
  16. In citations, you should include the authors’ full name with the title of the article or booth being cited.
  17. In a reference list, when listing a book with multiple authors you should use an ampersand (&) instead of and before the final author’s name.
  18. According to Chapter 21, how many times should you rehearse an extemporaneous presentation?
  19. In your reference list, APA requires full last name, first name and middle initial before the title of the source.
  20. Similar to book titles, article titles in references are italicized.
  21. In APA citations, always capitalize proper nouns, including author names and initials.
  22. What is the term for a report section that functions as a brief condensation of the report addressed to managers?
  23. Usually, your audience is more aware of your nervousness than you are.
  24. Which of the following should NOT be included in a memo?
  25. A salutation is a greeting at the beginning of a letter, traditionally consisting of the word “Dear,” the reader’s courtesy title and last name, and a colon.

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