Buy Solved Ashford PSY 301 Week 2 Quiz

Buy Solved Ashford PSY 301 Week 2 Quiz

  1. Ahren, who is White, sees himself as being very liberal, open-minded, and tolerant of others. When he sees a Black man walking towards him at night, he crosses the street. Ahren probably holds an ______________ negative attitude towards Black people.
  2. After being cut off by a dangerously fast-driving motorist, you conclude, “That guy is a jerk!” According to Heider’s theory, you have made a(n) _______________ about the motorist’s dangerous behavior.
  3. Harold believes that the government is out to get him, that his boss is looking for an excuse to fire him, and that he should not invest in the stock market because “they’re all a bunch of crooks.” Harold’s views suggest that he has a(n)
  4. The ____________ explains how we might develop or enhance certain attitudes.
  5. When we overestimate the extent to which people have similar interests and preferences, we are engaging in a phenomenon known as
  6. The theory of planned behavior is NOT useful for making predictions about whether someone will continue their practice of going to their favorite restaurant.
  7. The theory of planned behavior helps us to ____________ a person’s behavior.
  8. Researchers Frank and Gilovich (1988) investigated whether what we are wearing has an impact on our actions. The results of their study showed that
  9. According to the actor-observer bias, a person who just got hired for a high-paying job is more likely to offer a(n) ___________ as opposed to a(n) ___________ to explain they’re a good fortune.
  10. Your neighbor of 12 years has always been very thrifty and adamant about saving money. One day you find out that she bought an expensive, gas-guzzling vehicle. Your neighbor is probably acting out of
  11. Keith’s classmates began to avoid him after they learned that he suffers from schizophrenia. As a result, Keith feels alone at school, and even ashamed because of this disease. These events strongly suggest that Keith is a victim of stigma.
  12. Reginald holds a religious belief that judges gays and lesbians very negatively. In other words, he holds a __________ towards gays and lesbians.
  13. The debate around immigration in the United States has become a contested issue. One side of the debate argues that undocumented aliens are taking jobs that American citizens need. Which of these theories test explains this immigration debate?
  14. Harvey is a firm believer in social structure, is very choosy about his friends, and some would say he is a bigot. It is quite likely that Harvey is low in social dominance orientation.
  15. Culture is the primary factor in determining our beliefs about members of an outgroup.
  16. According to Pratto and colleagues (1994), people who are high in __________ tend to _____________.
  17. Research by Stangor and colleagues on social norms showed that when people believe their stereotypes are ____________, such stereotypes tend to ___________.
  18. Categorization, or sorting people into categories, allows us to
  19. Your textbook uses Sarah Robles, a 275-pound Olympic weightlifter, as an example to remind us that __________ can be problematic.
  20. A car salesman sells a vehicle to a woman customer at a price higher than you would for a male customer. This is an example of ______.
  21. When worrying about being in a plane crash and ignoring the much higher likelihood that we might be in a car accident, we are victims of the
  22. The capacity of the automatic processing system, because it functions below conscious awareness, is smaller than the capacity of the conscious processing system.
  23. Many people hold on to hope that the object of their affection will one day return their love, despite evidence to the contrary. This is an example of
  24. Recall that research by Allain and colleagues (2007) suggests that as we get older, we may be less likely to follow certain scripts. The example given in your text refers to
  25. If a schema follows a particular order or sequence, it is a script.
  26. Rosenthal and Jacobsen (1966), randomly selected a group of students and told their teachers that these students were predicted to do very well in the next year. The fact that these students did indeed perform better than their peers was an example of
  27. Mental shortcuts that we use in order to make judgments about people, places, and things or ideas, are called
  28. A student is riding on a bus and reading a book on mental illness. A passenger gets on the bus and begins laughing and talking loudly and incoherently. The student, based on the availability heuristic, may be most likely to assume the passenger is
  29. Confirmation bias is an unconscious process.
  30. Research using the Stroop Effect shows us how


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