Buy Solved AVIA 300 Quiz 7 Aircraft Safety and Automation

Buy Solved AVIA 300 Quiz 7 Aircraft Safety and Automation

  1. One of the major problems facing the FAA and air carriers today is _______. By definition, ____________ are aircraft that are being operated near or beyond their originally projected design goals of calendar years, flight cycles, or flight hours.
  2. The flight management system (FMS) is an integration of four major systems:
  3. Inclusion of chart databases that can be viewed on the ____ and ____, the paper may vanish from the flight deck altogether.
  4. This is an electronic aircraft collision warning system to help prevent dangerous midair collision accidents.
  5. a display that allows pilots to see through low-visibility weather, could become commonplace in the cockpit of the future.
  6. was an invaluable engineering tool to establish this new successful configuration in a number of radical airframe differences.
  7. Since human error is the source of many accidents, it has driven the safety philosophy behind adding _____ onboard automation, but human error associated with designing and then using automation must also be considered.
  8. Rapid advances in technology have led to the development of extremely complex and highly sophisticated commercial aircraft.
  9. Long-duration, high-altitude, and high-speed flight can be significantly impacted by many diverse atmospheric phenomena. Four of the more important areas of concern include the following:
  10. A great leap forward for commercial transport airplanes occurred with the development of the _________, a military jet bomber that first flew on December 17, 1947, the 44th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight.
  11. The _____________________ is a communication datalink system that sends messages, using digital technology, between an airplane and the airline ground base.
  12. A number of improvements in aircraft stopping systems have taken place over the years, greatly enhancing safety. They include:
  13. Boeing is a strong advocate of simplification before automation. Their designers would look to a less complex relationship.
  14. will become much more commonplace in tomorrow’s flight decks, experts believe, particularly if manufacturers can bring costs down.
  15. Each pilot can use the PFD as the single source for all the primary flight instruments found on a traditional instrument panel. The tape formats used for altitude, airspeed, and heading/track indications were chosen for two reasons: (select all that apply)
  16. Under the revised certification standards, new transport air-craft designs must incorporate one of three methods to detect icing and to activate the airframe ice protection system: (select all that apply)
  17. The human-machine interface often becomes a determining factor in the event of an emergency, where correct, timely decisions and proper execution make the difference between life and death.
  18. In the right setting, automation can increase capacity and productivity, reduce manual workload, and provide precise handling of routine operations.
  19. While main wheel brakes remain the primary method of stopping aircraft on the runway, technological development of ancillary stopping devices has kept pace with the development of wheel braking systems. These devices are aero-dynamic in nature but serve to enhance the efficiency of wheel brakes.
  20. Modern flight deck designs must be developed with NextGen airspace requirements in mind, as illustrated by CDTI systems that allow pilots to self-resolve traffic conflicts and even plan their own spacing requirements in densely packed airspace.
  21. From a human factors point of view, major changes in NextGen flight decks also provide new opportunities for human error and significant training challenges.
  22. No matter how well we design aircraft, much of the safety value chain is formed by how well humans utilize the new technology.
  23. Development of _________, such as movable aerodynamic surfaces on wings to increase and decrease lift as a function of the phase of flight, had to keep pace with the transition from the piston engine to jetliner operations.
  24. It is NOT desirable to ensure that the automation and systems operated by pilots are relatively similar between different types of aircraft in a given airline. Doing so reduces training costs and prevents the negative transfer of habit patterns as pilots transfer between aircraft types during a career. Maintenance costs are also reduced from such an approach.
  25. Automation is not beneficial because it can slow aid human decision-making.

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