Buy Solved CJUS 550 Quiz 3

Buy Solved CJUS 550 Quiz 3


  1. In prison argot, “crack kids” are
  2. ________ offenses involve acts that create physical disorder or that reflect social decay.
  3. The broken windows model of policing is most relevant to the service provider role of the police.
  4. During the ________ era, large numbers of offenders were incarcerated in an attempt to protect society and prevent crime, but rehabilitation was essentially abandoned.
  5. Administration, training, and budgeting are examples of line operations.
  6. Which of the following prison programs is most characteristic of the just-deserts era of corrections?
  7. Victim restitution is a key element of the restorative justice model.
  8. Why do constitutional rights in prison bear a strong resemblance to privileges?
  9. One of the leading formative influences on the staff culture of corrections officers is the
  10. What was the purpose behind the Prison Litigation Reform Act?
  11. In which case did the Supreme Court approve the separation of the determination of guilt from the determination of the sentence?
  12. describes the order of authority within a police department.
  13. According to the ________ model of the prison subculture, inmates bring with them values, roles, and behavior patterns from the outside world.
  14. Which of the following statements regarding prison privatization is true?
  15. Judges are not permitted to depart from the federal sentencing guidelines.
  16. seeks to identify the most dangerous criminals and incarcerate them to protect society. Collective incapacitation
  17. A journalist who is writing an article on prison overcrowding in the U.S. and wants to use the estimate that yields the highest level of overcrowding would probably choose which definition of prison capacity.
  18. Critics of the indeterminate model of sentencing emphasize all but which key sentencing principle?
  19. The day-fine system solves which objection to the use of fines?
  20. The ________ movement emphasizes the wider use of private prisons.
  21. Which Supreme Court case signals a return to the hands-off doctrine of earlier times?
  22. Research into victim-impact statements has found that
  23. In which case did the Supreme Court approve the separation of the determination of guilt from the determination of the sentence?
  24. Explain the 1996 Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA). What was the purpose of this act and why was it needed? How has the Supreme Court responded to the Act and what criticisms have been raised by opponents of the Act? What impact has the Act had? Be comprehensive in your response.
  25. Explain selective and collective incapacitation and discuss the advantages and problems with each strategy.

Another set

  1. Human smuggling and human trafficking arise from similar underlying conditions.
  2. Free and open international borders contribute to which level of the building process for international terrorism?
  3. Which of the following is a characteristic of the juvenile justice system?
  4. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that juveniles do not have which of the following procedural rights?
  5. The majority of juveniles who are adjudicated delinquents are placed on formal probation.
  6. The juvenile court’s fact-finding process, which is similar to an adult trial, is known as
  7. What was the purpose of the SMILECon conference for police officers?
  8. people tend to believe that their social or ethnic group and culture are superior to others.
  9. HITMAN is the latest technology used by the FBI to track and capture mafia-related criminals.
  10. The child savers movement led to the creation of reform schools that focused on pre-delinquent children.
  11. Human smuggling generally involves some form of forced labor or exploitation.
  12. What is the key difference between human smuggling and trafficking in persons?
  13. Evidence-based juvenile justice models are attractive due to cost savings.
  14. In re Winship found that juveniles do not have a constitutional right to a trial by a jury of their peers.
  15. What is Interpol’s main purpose?
  16. The Department of Homeland security is particularly concerned about the possibility that weapons of mass destruction may enter the U.S. through our nation’s airports.
  17. The most expensive security incidents involve financial fraud.
  18. The International Criminal Court is a global institution that is used for trying countries engaged in serious crimes such as state-sponsored terrorism.
  19. The first juvenile court that was separate in form and function from adult criminal courts was created in
  20. technology provide users with real-time fact-based information that can be accessed during real-world activity.
  21. Which of the following categories of children violate laws written only for children?
  22. Today, under modern Islamic law, men and women are treated similarly.
  23. The unlawful use of force or violence by an individual or a group that is based and operates entirely within the United States and its territories acts without foreign direction, and directs its activities against elements of the U.S. government or population is known as
  24. While the U.S. Supreme Court has guaranteed juveniles many of the same procedural rights as adults, not all adult procedural rights have been extended to juveniles charged with delinquent behaviors. Discuss some of the rights that juveniles do not have. Do you believe that juveniles should have all the same due process rights as adults? Why or why not? Provide support for your opinion.
  25. What is crime? Discuss the various ways bio crimes may be committed, and include a discussion of bioterrorism. Provide examples of crimes and explain why crime is a major concern today.

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