Buy Solved CRIS 605 Quiz 2 Individual

Buy Solved CRIS 605 Quiz 2 Individual

Set 1

  1. The police, fire, and emergency services support group provide all but one of the following in their support groups
  2. One difference between ethics and law is that:
  3. Font type has little to do with what is going on with a client.
  4. Rape education programs are effective in preventing rape.
  5. A person who was identified as schizotypal would typically need to:
  6. According to the author, crisis intervention workers do not need to be concerned with the autonomy of their client’s decision-making.
  7. According to Shneidman’s concept of situational characteristics of suicidal people, the
  8. common stimulus in suicide is unendurable psychological pain and the common stressor in suicide is frustrated psychological needs.
  9. The mentally ill adolescent has a high probability to commit a violent act.
  10. Burnout encompasses not only the work setting but also all other environments of the individual.
  11. The idea that cultural views on good and harm are related to the ethical idea of:
  12. From a feminist standpoint, rape occurs because of the perpetrator:
  13. In defining the problem in crisis intervention, the major focus is on understanding the major personality constructs of the person.
  14. Most people who are suicidal feel a high level of ambivalence or inner conflict.
  15. Workers who have experienced the crisis a client is experiencing will undoubtedly be better able to handle it because they have overcome the crisis.
  16. Alcohol abuse causes battering.
  17. Which of the following statements is true of courtship violence?
  18. Taking “control over women” is one of the myths of rape.
  19. Of the following reasons for the use of telephone crisis lines, which is not valid?
  20. A crisis worker was on the scene of an apartment fire and failed to talk with a victim, who subsequently sustained emotional harm because of the worker’s unintentional omission. The worker has committed:
  21. Disputing negative self-talk a bereaved divorced person has about the break-up of a marriage may be effective because emotional energy can then be directed toward dealing constructively with real, contemporary issues.
  22. Pranksters should be hung up on immediately to clear the lines for legitimate calls.
  23. Seung-Hui Cho fits the characteristics of an SVJO.
  24. Ethically, crisis intervention workers are encouraged to prepare for crisis or disaster situations before, during the crises or disaster, and during the period of post-crisis recovery.
  25. Some men use rape to “punish” women who have done them “wrong.”
  26. Compassion satisfaction can be an extremely effective buffer against burnout.
  27. Reflective practice involves thinking about both your reasons for entering crisis and disaster work, as well as your actions during a crisis response, and how that response could be improved.
  28. Call-in clients like crisis lines because:
  29. Which of the following is not a guideline for crisis workers to follow in a potential duty to warn situation?
  30. Which of the following should the crisis worker do when working with a battered person?
  31. 3 out of 3 points Long-term therapy models and crisis intervention models incorporate a number of similar components.
  32. On a worldwide basis, about a million people kill themselves each year.
  33. The stages of dying in the Kubler-Ross model are more or less:
  34. One of the critical issues in counseling sexually victimized children is teaching them boundaries about sexual behavior.
  35. There are legal precedents that condone spouse abuse.
  36. Affective State Dependent Retention is important to PTSD because it theorizes that:
  37. Silence is also golden at times in crisis counseling.
  38. The Adaptive model of grieving is about how a survivor copes with loss.
  39. Each suicide is idiosyncratic, and there are no absolute or universal characteristics that portray all
  40. One of the very first things the CIT officer does to get Deborah off the bridge is to simply tell her in a kind but an authoritative voice to climb down.
  41. The first step in preventing client-initiated violence in an institution is to obtain expert consultants to teach staff to physically control agitated persons.
  42. Seung-Hui Cho best fits the description of a(n):
  43. Durkheim called a suicide type in which the person felt estranged and alienated from society a
  44. Predisposition is one of the most important tasks when using the Internet for crisis intervention.
  45. Minimizing the physical and psychological danger to self and others is a simple way of defining:
  46. Perpetual crises for families are the same as metastasizing crises.
  47. The nested ecological theory proposes that no single factor effectively explains battering.
  48. In a crisis which of the following is not tested in families:
  49. Neat and orderly progression for the PTSD sufferer through the recovery phase is:
  50. Cultural and social norms have a lot to do with disenfranchised grief.
  51. Child rapists are different than other child molesters in that they typically use threats of harm either to the child or a significant other.

Set 2

  1. Which of the following statements is true of courtship violence?
  2. A number of researchers have attempted to create typologies of batterers. Which of the following is not one of those types?
  3. Exchange theory purposes that batterers hit people because they can.
  4. The contextual model only considers internal factors as influencing families’ reactions to
  5. Family crises always cause alliances in families to strengthen.
  6. Kubler-Ross believes that our culture sees death as:
  7. If you were a survivor and were moving on the Adaptive model continuum 6 months after your partner’s death, you might be:
  8. Restoration orientation occurs when grievers experience full-blown emotional catharsis.
  9. Grief in the elderly:
  10. When a crisis worker is faced with a potentially violent student, which of the following is not generally a good idea?
  11. Threat assessment for lethality goes up as the EVJO’s:
  12. The EVJO typically has a long history of contact with juvenile authorities because of delinquent acts.
  13. Sun-up syndrome is so-called because people become violent as they wake up in institutions, are not sure
  14. A counseling office should be arranged so the therapist can keep the client confined if necessary.
  15. Staying physically close, within an arm’s length of a client is safer because it psychologically anchors the
  16. client to the worker.
  17. Workplace violence has become so bad that the National Center for Disease Control views it as a national
  18. health problem.
  19. The idea that crisis services be delivered based on need and resource availability is related to the ethical idea of:
  20. The idea that cultural views on good and harm are related to the ethical idea of:
  21. Highly motivated human service workers are generally immune to burnout.
  22. The term burnout comes from mental patients who were burned out physically and mentally.
  23. Burnout is a cross-cultural phenomenon and has causes that are common across cultures.
  24. All of the answers are good reasons the technique is used.
  25. The major providers of crisis intervention services in the United States are:
  26. Successful crisis work may be described as:
  27. Developmental crises involve abnormal reactions to the normal flows of predictable life changes.
  28. SAFETY is a developing model for understanding clients’ social locations during:
  29. Occupational “culture” may be a barrier to those who don’t understand it.
  30. Assessment is pretty much done at the beginning of a crisis and is a one-shot affair.
  31. The Triage Assessment Scale looks at affective, behavioral, and cognitive processes.
  32. Above all else, the worker’s therapeutic style, choices, and strategy must reflect continuous consideration
  33. Monitoring and assessing body language is as important as monitoring and assessing verbal responses in crisis work.
  34. Providing guidance:
  35. Communicating genuineness means talking about yourself as a way to let clients see that you understand them.
  36. Crises may suddenly occur even when clients are successful in overcoming the crisis because they:
  37. Mobile crisis teams have now been replaced by CIT officers.
  38. Mental illness and emotional disturbance calls make up a large percentage of law enforcement calls that
  39. Telephone crisis counseling is cheap, but generally ineffective due to staffing by volunteers.
  40. Of the following reasons for the use of telephone crisis lines, which is not valid?
  41. Because establishing psychological contact is so important when conducting telephone crisis counseling it is the first thing that a phone crisis counselor does.
  42. It is extremely important to be careful in word choice and to use brevity when doing crisis intervention
  43. An inappropriate technique for therapeutic intervention with children who suffer from PTSD involves:
  44. One of the major reasons for PTSD counseling groups is to let the members that about their experiences and thus get rid of the bad memories.
  45. All of the following were involved in the classification of PTSD as a diagnosable mental illness, except:
  46. People with strong death wishes are invariable:
  47. A postvention method of helping people either gain a better understanding of why a suicide happened
  48. IS PATH WARM is:
  49. Most people who are suicidal feel a high level of ambivalence or inner conflict.
  50. Crisis workers should encourage rape victims to change jobs or places of residence to distance themselves
  51. Enticement and entrapment are no longer used by child molesters in favor of threats and coercion.
  52. Alerting people of the role that alcohol has in date rape is a primary educational goal to combat this.

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