Buy Solved CSTU 220 Quiz 6,7,8

Buy Solved CSTU 220 Quiz 6,7,8


Quiz 6

  1. According to Bryan Loritts, how do multiethnic churches strengthen Christianity and the message of the Gospel in today’s society?
  2. Which element was added to the repertoire of protest during the Albany Movement of 1961 by Bernice Johnson Reagon and others?
  3. The mother of which teenage boy, who was murdered in 1955 for whistling at a white woman, insisted on publicizing the image of his corpse to force the world to recognize the crime committed against him.
  4. After winning the affiliation of more than 80,000 voters, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
  5. Charlie Cobb of SNCC originated what concept which was put into practice in Mississippi during the Freedom Summer of 1964.
  6. What motivated Martin Luther King Junior to write “Letters to a Birmingham Jail” in 1963? Who is the letter addressed to and what prompted this particular letter?
  7. Which member of CORE became a counselor to Martin Luther King, Jr., introducing him to the thought of Mahatma Gandhi and advising him on nonviolence?
  8. With regard to its origins and organization, the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  9. Which executive secretary of SCLC was also known as the “political and spiritual midwife” of SNCC?

Quiz 7

  1. According to Jarvis Williams, what is God’s provision for racial reconciliation? How does he support his argument?
  2. The Black Panther Party of Self-Defense was founded in 1966 in
  3. According to Jarvis Williams, how has racism influenced the Christian church?
  4. What is the difference between Racial Reconciliation and Ethnic Diversity, according to Jarvis Williams?
  5. In the last half of the twentieth century, all of the following trends became noticeable in black higher education EXCEPT
  6. Which novelist inspired renewed interest in the works of Zora Neale Hurston before winning the Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Color Purple in 1982?
  7. Perhaps the most explosive urban riots of the 1960s, which left 43 dead and caused $500 million in property damage, took place where in the summer of 1967.

Quiz 8

  1. Who emerged as perhaps the most prominent black filmmaker of the late 1980s and 1990s with his films Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X?
  2. One reason that The Cosby Show was culturally important is that
  3. In both the 1984 and 1988 presidential elections, approximately what percentage of black voters cast their vote for the Democratic candidate?
  4. Which artist painted subway walls under the graffiti tag SAMO and won recognition for provocative works such as Irony of a Negro Policeman?
  5. Guion S. Bluford, Jr. and Mae E. Jamison were, respectively, the first black man and first black woman to
  6. Discuss the success of black athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and the Williams sisters. What do their athletic achievements and popular acclaim symbolize in American society?
  7. Whom did President Ronald Reagan succeed in appointing as head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 1982?
  8. Approximately what percentage of the black vote went to George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election?
  9. Who was the first black female billionaire in the history of the United States?
  10. Which of the following statements about black American settlement patterns is MOST accurate?
  11. Salt n Pepa, MC Lyte, and TLC were prominent examples of

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