Buy Solved EDUC 665 Quiz 7

Buy Solved EDUC 665 Quiz 7



EDUC 665 Quiz 7: Research-driven Student Support Models

  1. “a planned activity with individuals or student groups that are theoretically based and have as its intention the promotion of personal development and learning” is the definition of what?
  2. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a high-impact practice?
  3. What does the author identify as a potential protagonist?
  4. According to the author, diverse experiences are always associated with:
  5. A common PTP model features how many steps?
  6. What object is used as a 3D representation for identifying and implementing appropriate, purposeful delivery strategies?
  7. Morrill, Oetting, & Hurst’s (1974) 3D model can assist practitioners in aligning all but which element?
  8. Astin’s I-E-O model referred to:
  9. According to the author, a common pitfall related to ethical and professional standards is:
  10. According to the author, an emerging role of Student Affairs professionals is that of:

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