Buy Solved Liberty LIFC 202 Research Paper with Outline

Buy Solved Liberty LIFC 202 Research Paper with Outline



This assignment is step 3 of the 3-step research paper writing process in this course. Create a full-sentence outline representing the content of your research paper. This assignment will include

  1. the abstract (including keywords)
  2. introduction (including a description of your topic and rationale)
  3. headings and subheadings
  4. conclusion
  5. in-text citations throughout the content of the outline
  6. a reference page


The abstract and introduction content must be written as it would be in your final paper, but edits can be made to each of these sections before your final submission. The rationale used in your research paper topic submission may be used as the foundation of your introduction in this assignment.


At the end of your outline, create a reference list for your research paper. Your reference list must include at least 5 of the 8 scholarly, empirical, and current sources identified in your research paper topic submission (written no earlier than 2004) that are directly related to your topic. Be sure to select a variety of scholarly sources and format the reference page in the correct APA style. At least 2 scholarly journal articles must be included in your reference list. The remaining 3 required sources may include books or other journal articles. Sources such as Wikipedia,, and non-scholarly journals such as Psychology Today are not appropriate for your reference list. The course text may not be used as one of the 5 main sources.


Submit all materials for this assignment in one Word document. Outlines/Reference Lists not submitted by this deadline may result in a deduction in points on the research paper grade.


Research Paper Instructions:

This is step 3 of the 3-step research paper writing process in this course. You have chosen a topic, developed an outline, and identified 5 scholarly sources. The final step in the process is to write an 8–10-page paper (not including the title page, abstract page, or reference page) addressing your chosen topic. This assignment is to be completed adhering strictly to the current APA format. You must include the 5 scholarly sources identified in your outline and reference list assignment in your paper, but you may include additional scholarly sources found between the outline and reference list submission and the final paper submission.


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