Buy Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 7 

Buy Solved Liberty University ARTS 214 Quiz 7

  1. The Futurist Manifesto was an appeal to
  2. Two of the most insidious vices on Facebook are
  3. Facebook started as a freshman class directory.
  4. What does the nostalgic appeal to Instagram suggest?
  5. The nature of delivery on YouTube does not affect how we see it.
  6. Researchers discovered that more than half of the Twitter accounts discussing the Russian elections of 2011 were bots.
  7. In order to copyright work, it must be considered tangible or fixed in some way by print, photograph, or some other means.
  8. Technology did not play as large a role in the Green Revolution and others as was initially thought.
  9. The first to suggest art for the masses were
  10. Facebook’s “like” button may
  11. Instagram promotes the idea that by saving your life you lose it.
  12. “Art for its own sake” was a result of
  13. Facebook is careful not to profit from its user’s “likes.”
  14. Manifestos were always a recipe for action.
  15. A Facebook friend is the equivalent of a friend that is closer than a brother.
  16. “Intellectual property wants to be free”
  17. It’s said that every new technology makes something obsolete—what did internet streaming outlets like YouTube make obsolete?
  18. For Detweiler, an “outward” defined self will ultimately be satisfied.
  19. Plato disliked writing because he felt it would make people lose
  20. Facebook is an example of the strength of weak ties.
  21. Friendship involves
  22. An educational aspect of YouTube is
  23. The right to copy is only one of the things covered in the Copyright law.
  24. A term that means consciously not stating that your achievement is as great as it really is
  25. Rarely does the crowd provide the space to think about what is happening?

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