Buy Solved Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 8

Buy Solved Liberty University AVIA 230 Quiz 8


  1. _______________ is a DAA system function where a maneuver is initiated to prevent another aircraft from penetrating the collision volume (defined as another aircraft being within 500 ft. in the horizontal dimension or within 100 ft. in the vertical).
  2. The expansion of UAS market segments is dependent upon the ability to gain access to the __________, as well as upon the establishment of training and certification standards similar to those that have evolved for the regulation of manned flight.
  3. The United States operates the busiest, most complex NAS in the world, yet it is among the world’s ______ systems.
  4. The reason this busy, highly complex system is so safe is because access to the NAS is
  5. __________ sensors detect an attribute of the target, such as sound, heat, or reflected light.
  6. ___________ detect and avoid systems have the capability to manage the UAS flight path without any pilot notification or intervention.
  7. The most important aspect of operating an unmanned aircraft is __________ .
  8. operations will require larger amounts of airspace as the vehicles will need to y higher and well beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) currently found in
    the sUAS rules
  9. can detect aircraft which are not equipped with transponders or similar systems.
  10. The ultimate responsibility for aircraft separation rests on the __________
  11. __________sensors rely on each participating aircraft to broadcast its location.
  12. maneuvers occur at greater times and distances from other aircraft than collision avoidance maneuvers and are intended to be normal, non-obtrusive maneuvers that will not conflict with accepted air traffic separation standards.
  13. ‘Evaluate the threat’ is part of which category of the OODA loop?
  14. _______________ detect an attribute of the target, such as sound, heat, or reflected light.
  15. For automated DAA systems, ____________ augments or replaces the cognitive processing of a human pilot to determine the best action to avoid a potential loss of separation or collision.
  16. Detecting a target is part of which category of the OODA loop?
  17. ___________ is the capability of an aircraft to maintain acceptable separation (i.e., remain “well clear”) from other aircraft without the need for guidance from an external agent such as air traffic control.
  18. By all accounts, the worldwide UAS market forecast continues to indicate a strong _________ for the foreseeable future.
  19. Maintaining strict _____________ standards and explaining the sound reasons for the employment of this technology to the public is critical in the early adoption stages of a UAS program in law enforcement.
  20. As referenced at the beginning of this chapter, 14 CFR ___________, subsection (b) states: “When weather conditions permit, […] vigilance shall be maintained by each person operating an aircraft so as to see and avoid other aircraft.”
  21. The revolution in ___________ technology is allowing for more complex components to be produced “on-demand” using a variety of materials including polymers and metals.
  22. Driven by advances in materials and processing technology, the size of many platforms will continue to become __________.
  23. Currently, electric motor-powered fixed-wing UASs are vehicles capable of carrying small payloads and are limited to the endurance of ___________, at most, with the weight of the battery being the largest limiting factor.
  24. Which one of these options is not part of the OODA loop decision process?
  25. Frost and Sullivan (2014) is another group that continues to predict very strong growth in the UAS market. Their numbers predict that within 5 years the global combined ________ UAV market will reach a total of nearly U.S.$87 billion by the year 2018 which bests their 2010 6-year forecast by nearly U.S.$25 billion, demonstrating substantial anticipated growth.

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