Buy Solved Liberty University CJUS 361 Quiz 3 

Buy Solved Liberty University CJUS 361 Quiz 3


  • When photographing injuries that are on or near “private parts” you should make every attempt to?
  • When photographing a traffic accident, the surrounding areas is as important to photograph as the point of impact. This is because?
    • Because crime scene photos are frequently used as evidence they are also frequently?
  • All photographs taken from a DRONE can only be used for investigative purposes seeing DRONE images have not yet been accepted in American courtrooms.
  • When photographing a body it is critical to photograph the face.
  • In a photo identifier, you should always include?
  • What are the three primary types of perishable evidence?
  • Overall photographs should be taken?
  • Chapter 9 deals with special Photography Situations. These include Areal and elevated evidence, autopsy photography, bloodstain pattern, drones, shooting incidents, surveillance photography, underwater photography, vehicle crash photography, and lunar (or
  • No matter what the scene the first priority should be?
  • The first close-up photo of any item of evidence should be taken with the evidence
  • A faster shutter speed can help compensate for motion.
  • When photographing the vehicle involved in an accident airbag safety equipment should be photographed when?
  • When photographing evidence several photos should be taken including a photo with a?
  • Which of the following is NOT a purpose of the photo memo sheet?
  • The documentation of evidence begins with?
  • When you are starting to photograph a scene you should begin with a?
  • In an outdoor crime scene, overall photos should?
  • Close-up shots of evidence always come before overall shots of the scene because the close-ups are really what the courts want to see and they are the pictures that bring
  • What light source is considered to be the sole light source in aerial photography?

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