Buy Solved Liberty University EDUC 304 Quiz 7

Buy Solved Liberty University EDUC 304 Quiz 7


1. Learning is always enhanced when information is received through sensory modalities.
2. When developing your classroom management plan as it deals with diversity, which of the following should not be included in your plan?
3. For struggling learners in your class, you should do all the following except
4. A classroom where students learn to be proud of themselves, respect human differences, and speak up for what is right can be described as:
5. When preparing instruction for the gifted learner, you should consider all the following:
6. Which of the following would not be a good strategy to use when working with students with limited English?
7. Creative students should be
8. Which of the following is a result of teachers’ lower expectations?
9. When grouping students to vary your instruction, one caution is that grouping too often can:
10. The area of learning deals with attitudes and feelings.
11. Psychomotor skills involve problem-solving, information processing, and using mental strategies for tasks.
12. More than 10 percent of students in the United States are identified as:
13. Which of the following is not a primary goal of culturally responsive teaching?
14. Why is it important to use a variety of assessments?
15. When teaching at-risk students, instruction should be based on:
16. Which of the following is not an example of an accepted and professional way to get to know your students


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