Buy Solved Liberty University EDUC 305 Quiz 5 

Buy Solved Liberty University EDUC 305 Quiz 5


  • Elaborate language typically includes
  • Your mother argues that schools are the best route to success. She says, “If you want to get ahead in life, then get as much education as you can.” Your mother’s views are most similar to those of
  • Educators who adopt the environmentalist position concerning the development of intelligence would probably support
  • Which statement accurately describes trends in the African American community?
  • To understand the causes of low school achievement, it is important to consider the home environment of children from lower- or working-class families, because
  • Technical workers, technicians, and sales personnel would probably be in the
  • In terms of school achievement, working-class students as a group tend to be middle-class students.
  • Socioeconomic status is used primarily to classify people by their
  • According to Coleman, the most logical way to improve the education of disadvantaged students is to
  • Research that supports environment more strongly than heredity as a factor in student achievement most consistently emphasizes that
  • Which is the fastest-growing minority population in the United States?
  • helps explain why some students with low socioeconomic status refuse to conform to school expectations or to comply with their teacher’s demands.
  • Latino and African American students
  • The students most likely to attend college are those with
  • Horace Mann’s work established that.
  • They are often the third or fourth generation to live in poverty and depend on public assistance.
  • In the video, The Role of the Teacher in Changing Lives, Jesus is described as the Master Teacher and examples are given to show how he interacted with his learners. What are 3 takeaways from this lesson that you can apply to your own classroom?

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