Buy Solved Liberty University EXSC 550 Exam 1

Buy Solved Liberty University EXSC 550 Exam 1


  1. A subject has a mass of 70 kg. How do you calculate their weight into the appropriate unit used in biomechanics?
  2. Which of the following is not considered a vector?
  3. In order to calculate power, what is required?
  4. The amount of mechanical work performed per second is:
  5. With kinematic measuring devices, which letter is used to denote a three-dimensional
  6. Which statement is NOT true about statics?
  7. Which term refers to the study of a body undergoing acceleration?
  8. Which of the following is false regarding the research study findings by Norris?
  9. 0 out of 2.5 points An athlete moves from point A to point B. Which of the following is true regarding the distance and linear displacement of the athlete?
  10. What is the execution phase also known as?
  11. Gyroscopes can measure and analyze:
  12. Which of the following applies to acceleration?
  13. Velocity is calculated by dividing the:
  14. is energy generated by virtue of the position or shape of an object?
  15. A ball will be released the longer the time period or distance over which the athlete can accelerate their body.
  16. The activity of turning the body as a whole to a position such that the athlete can maximize the distance over which they can move is part of what sport phase?
  17. Which method used in performance-level motion capture uses tri-axial markers that transmit position information?
  18. When capturing video for analysis, how many subject trials are recommended so consistency can be established?
  19. Which link principle refers to segmental motions or joint rotations occurring in a specific sequence such that time elapses between the peak rotational velocities of each involved segment?
  20. You are performing a video analysis to assess how much shoulder abduction occurs during a particular motor skill. What is the best place to set up the camera in with respect to the athlete?
  21. What is/are the primary goal(s) of biomechanics?
  22. Which kinetic link principle best describes what is occurring in the body during the concentric phase of a deadlift?
  23. Which type of motion is most often measured by the use of a polar coordinate system?
  24. What type of muscle contractions are most associated with musculoskeletal injuries?
  25. The measuring system that biomechanics uses to plot and measure linear motion is called:
  26. Which of the following is false in regard to force?
  27. Which biomechanical tool was not utilized in the research study by Girard?
  28. Force platforms, Multi-axial load sensors, and Pressure mats fall under which category of biomechanical devices?
  29. According to the research article by Norris, the reliability, and validity of angles measured by Dartfish computer software were compared to what?
  30. The language of biomechanics includes:
  31. How many pictures per second is the human eye capable of processing?
  32. What is optical tracking motion analysis?
  33. According to the research article by Norris, the authors concluded that Dartfish video analysis is a valid tool for measuring hip and knee joint range of motion in the clinic.
  34. In the study by Girard, which of the following was not a phase (critical instant) utilized for breaking down the tennis serve into key positions?
  35. You are performing a rear-loaded squat exercise in the gym (the bar is resting across your posterior shoulders). What body position will place greater torque on your low back during the squat and why?
  36. 5 out of 2.5 points What type of muscle contraction incorporates the following definition: “The muscle’s ability to generate tension is exceeded by the external object’s momentum”?
  37. 0 out of 2.5 points When calculating the angular momentum of an object, which of the following variables is not necessary to know?
  38. Which of the following below is not a kinematic variable?
  39. Sports, medicine, and daily life issues (or activities of daily living) are three major areas of study covered by biomechanics. What is the fourth?
  40. Which type of muscle contraction most often causes the increased angular velocity of a segment as it rotates around a joint?
  41. As torque increases, angular acceleration.
  42. Which biomechanical tool uses a strain gauge transducer to measure joint angles?
  43. The introduction is an example of a biomechanically superior technique.
  44. What is the correct unit for video recording (sampling) rate?
  45. is the resistance an object offers to a change in its state of motion (velocity)
  46. The sport phase that is most responsible for preventing injury is what?
  47. If one was interested in the amount of flexion of the hip while in the gait cycle, which plane of motion would be the best to record?
  48. A switch mat, radar devices, and photoelectric and laser tubes are examples of what type of biomechanical devices?
  49. Do accelerometers and gyroscopes fall under which category listed below?
  50. In regards to the lever systems found throughout our bodies, God designed our bodies more for speed and range of motion over strength. What is the main lever system found most commonly throughout our bodies?
  51. What are the three most important major types of variables in measuring biomechanics?
  52. According to the article by Girard, which of the following is false regarding beginner tennis players versus elite tennis players?
  53. 0 out of 2.5 points Which is not a variable that describes motion resulting from forces produced by the muscular system or forces external to the body?
  54. In what event did computerized innovations start occurring?
  55. Ground reaction force (GRF) diminishes an athlete’s ability to generate power and force when jumping off hard surfaces.
  56. quantifies how far a body segment has rotated relative to a reference or baseline position between an initial and final time.
  57. Sports skills can be subdivided into a minimum of 3 major phases. List and define the 3 major phases, then provide a description of a chosen sport or strength/conditioning skill, dividing the skill into these 3 main phases. Utilize anatomic and kinesiologic terminology (e.g., flexion, extension, etc.) when discussing what the major body segments involved in the skill are doing in each phase.


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