Buy Solved Liberty University GLST 290 Quiz 8

Buy Solved Liberty University GLST 290 Quiz 8



  • Before planting a church, a pastor uses ethnographic techniques such as participant observation, informal interviews, and mapping to understand the area surrounding the church.  This is an example of
  • Contextualization requires a missionary to fit the Christian message with the language and customs of a local culture.
  • Anne Fadiman used ethnographic skills to tell which story?
  • A pastor may use pastoral anthropology to
  • Early Christian anthropologists such as Ken Pike and Eugene Nida were experts in which subfield?
  • Christine Jeske applied anthropology in understanding employment challenges in South Africa.
  • Which of the following is NOT one of the three skills that the American Anthropological Association describes as helping anthropology students stand apart?
  • What was the original intent of contextualization in missionary settings?
  • Fitting the gospel with the language, idioms, customs, and traditions of a culture so that Christianity becomes organically woven in with its new context is called
  • Lamin Sanneh understands the multicultural nature of the gospel in part because he was raised in a Muslim family.

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