Buy Solved Liberty University HIUS 420 Quiz 1

Buy Solved Liberty University HIUS 420 Quiz 1



  1. When Union troops advanced from Washington toward Richmond in July 1861, the result was
  2. As their president, the Confederate States selected
  3. David Wilmot was a
  4. Abolitionists believed
  5. During 1861 George B. McClellan’s command of the Army of the Potomac in Maryland and Virginia was characterized primarily by
  6. The Wilmot Proviso stipulated that
  7. The majority of the Founding Fathers believed that slavery
  8. The first major national political crisis over slavery involved the proposed admission of the new state of
  9. The Confederacy was organized and had its first capital at
  10. When fighting broke out at Fort Sumter, the state of Kentucky responded by
  11. Regarding the Union advance to Bull Run in 1861, who said: “You are green, it is true, but they are green, also; you are green alike”?
  12. The South responded to Lincoln’s election by seceding because
  13. The cause of the Civil War was
  14. Confederate General Leonidas Polk’s September 1861 occupation of the Mississippi River town of Columbus, Kentucky
  15. The Civil War began when
  16. The Trent Affair
  17. In 1859, Harpers Ferry was
  18. The significance of the Battle of Ball’s Bluff was that it
  19. In the 1860 presidential election, the candidate of the southern wing of the Democratic Party was
  20. Fort Henry was captured primarily by.

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