Buy Solved Liberty University HLTH 642 Quiz 2

Buy Solved Liberty University HLTH 642 Quiz 2



  1. Salmonella bacteria consist of species and over       
  2. Which of the following can make a human host most susceptible or least resistant to a foodborne infection?
  3. They and are generally considered more susceptible to foodborne infections.
  4. These pathogenic bacteria a found naturally in shallow marine waters:
  5. Classification schemes for microorganisms are important to food safety because:
  6. Which statement best describes foodborne protozoans?
  7. The following is considered a foodborne toxic infection:
  8. The infectious dose is defined as:
  9. Ruminants are the reservoir of most concern for this protozoan pathogen:
  10. Invasive and disseminated bacterial infections include those caused by:
  11. The most common sign associated with foodborne illnesses is:
  12. Pathogens can acquire new traits by:
  13. What attributes of foodborne viruses make them effective in causing outbreaks?
  14. In terms of food production worldwide, is considered an important foodborne protozoan
  15. One of the first recognized emerging infections was:
  16. Giardiasis is an infection caused by:
  17. Serotyping is particularly helpful in the control of foodborne diseases caused by:
  18. Which of the following is NOT considered a disease carrier state:
  19.            are considered the leading cause of foodborne
  20. Pathogenic virulence traits include the following:
  21. Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is a complication usually caused by:
  22. This pathogenic coli is most often associated with cattle as its reservoir:
  23. Which of the following factors contributed most to the global spread of foodborne diseases such as salmonellosis?
  24. Foods most likely associated with cases of shigellosis include:
  25. Which of the following is also known as “mad cow disease?”

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