Buy Solved Liberty University NASC 210 Exam 6

Buy Solved Liberty University NASC 210 Exam 6



  • Gleevec is a drug that helps cure a form of leukemia.
  • Splice site mutations can cause a mutation by which of the following mechanisms?
  • Different genes have different spontaneous mutation rates.
  • Which of the following is true about the triplet code?
  • Which of the following is true about osteogenesis imperfecta?
  • A tumor is cancerous or malignant if it infiltrates nearby tissue. This infiltration and spreading is called metastasis.
  • A deletion mutation removes DNA. For example, small deletion mutations in the “Y” chromosome causes male infertility.
  • The mutation which causes sickle cell disease can be classified as a point mutation and also a missense mutation.
  • Mutation can affect any part of the genome.
  • Which of the following is true about p53?
  • This beneficial mutation is found in the human population at large and promotes antibody formation.
  • The translation is a process in which;
  • HER2 breast cancer affects hundreds of thousands of women each year. A drug called Herceptin has been an effective cure for this type of breast cancer. Herceptin is a;
  • Some genetic diseases like achondroplasia can occur by spontaneous mutation without a family history of the disease.
  • A single nucleotide point mutation in hemoglobin, a small mutational change in the collagen molecule, and the fact that laminin mutation can cause life-shortening or life-ending disease suggests that the human body was designed and created because it’s difficult for Darwinian evolution to succeed in the face of such life-threatening mutations.
  • Which of the following is true about xeroderma pigmentosum
  • Skin damage and skin cancer is caused by ultraviolet light striking DNA and causing thymine dimers or even cutting the DNA. In most cases this causes death of the skin cell. But cancer is uncontrolled cell growth. How can exposure to light cause uncontrolled cell growth when it mostly kills cells? Chose an answer which best answers this question
  • A tumor is benign if it grows in place but does not spread.
  • Cancer is genetic because it is caused by changes in DNA but is not usually inherited.
  • Complex DNA repair mechanisms in many organisms are a challenge to Darwinian evolution because DNA repair is complex involving many proteins and Darwinian evolution would need to evolve all of these proteins simultaneously.
  • A promising new field of cancer-fighting techniques uses the immune system to fight cancer. Two main techniques using the immune system to fight cancer are;
  • A mutation is an altered DNA sequence in an organism.
  • The cell cycle has checkpoints that ensure that the cell cycle is running correctly and cell growth stops at the appropriate time.
  • A mutation may be present in some cells of an individual or all cells.
  • Cancer tumors grow and spread by inducing the formation of blood vessels to nourish them. This is called.

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