Buy Solved LIFC 202 Quiz Marketing

Buy Solved LIFC 202 Quiz Marketing



LIFC 202 Quiz Marketing and Strategic Plan

  1. What is the second skill of marketing provided in chapter 12?
  2. Knowing your own boundaries in coaching is vital to be effective in the field. Referring to therapists, not just other coaches, is a common practice depending on what a client may be dealing with.
  3. The author lists nine “red flags” to consider that may indicate the author is not ready to receive life coaching. Which is one of these red flags?
  4. Given that coaching is a practice experienced almost entirely around the relationship between the client and coach, supervision is often not recommended.
  5. The first myth of marketing is listed as follows: Marketing is something I need to find extra time for in addition to running my business.
  6. Given their common backgrounds, counseling and coaching began roughly around the same time.
  7. An important part of the third skill of marketing is persistence. Many fail in this skill by making few phone calls or having one or two advertisements per month.
  8. When choosing a group to work with, it is important to consider what you sell. Not the raw material, but the end result.
  9. The beginning of chapter 13 lists a number of reasons for clarity in regard to the differences between counseling and coaching through the idea of perspective. Which perspective is not on this list?
  10. The first skill of marketing many coaches need to work on is the ability to broaden their group of customers. This allows the greatest amount of people to take advantage of your coaching.

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