Buy Solved NBST 515 Reflective Essay

Buy Solved NBST 515 Reflective Essay



The student will review the video submitted in the Video Report Assignment in which they described the Jesus they understood at the time, and then write an essay comparing the Jesus they described in that video to the Jesus they have now come to know through a serious study of the Gospels. Are they the same Jesus? If so, reflect on how the understanding of Jesus described in the Video Report Assignment has been validated by the Jesus encountered in the study of the Gospels this term. If not, reflect on what has changed in students’ understanding of the Jesus they described in the Video Report Assignment. The essay must not exceed 500 words, double-spaced, excluding the title page and bibliography. Passages from the Gospels must be documented with parenthetical citations, but all other sources used (if any) must be documented with properly formatted footnotes in the current Turabian format.


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