Buy Solved NBST 610 Quiz 1

Buy Solved NBST 610 Quiz 1



NBST 610 Quiz: Introduction and Tools for Hermeneutics

  • The main strength of the more radical reader-response approach lies in its objectivity.
  • Reader response criticism focuses primarily not on the author’s intentions or the fixed meaning of texts but on the diverse ways readers respond to a text.
  • The unbelieving scholar can understand and portray the true significance of the Bible’s message as well as the believing scholar.
  • Preunderstandings are preconceived notions or assumptions that a person brings to the text, which have been formulated before the actual study of the text.
  • One problem in interpreting the Old Testament comes from the change in the covenant between the Old and New Testaments.
  • A theological principle only applies to certain people in certain ages.
  • The differences between the biblical audience and us hinder us from determining the meaning of the text.
  • List and briefly describe the three reasons for the practice of proper hermeneutics according to Klein et al.
  • Using Origen’s approach as your guide, match the following aspects of an allegorical interpretation of Scripture with their proper definitions.
  • Hermeneutics is the task of explaining the hidden meanings found in the deep structures of Scripture.
  • A connotation refers to a word’s emotional overtones—the positive or negative associations it conjures up beyond what the word strictly means.
  • Which of the following is described by Klein et al. as an approach that contemporizes a prophecy or that may lead to an atomization approach to the text?
  • The rise of rationalism after the Reformation led to a study of the Bible that ultimately reinforced the authority of Scripture and the Church.
  • Which of the following apostolic methods of interpretation is best defined as interpreting a text by applying its underlying principle to a situation different from, but comparable to, the one in the original context?
  • Which of the following best defines the word “type”?
  • Which of the following church fathers advocated an allegorical interpretation of Scripture that called for a threefold meaning to passages?
  • Which of the following critical methods is best described as an attempt to trace the materials (oral or written texts) that underlie a text or passage?
  • During the Patristic Period, the Old Testament was regarded as the primary authoritative collection of Scriptures.
  • Which of the following apostolic methods of interpretation is best defined as interpreting a text by looking for events, objects, or ideas in the Old Testament that anticipate God’s activity later in history?
  • The allegorical interpretation was definitely NOT the most popular approach to the Old Testament among the early Church Fathers.

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