Buy Solved NBST 621 Quiz 3 Apostasy Jesus Better Covenant Priesthood Sacrifice

Buy Solved NBST 621 Quiz 3 Apostasy Jesus Better Covenant Priesthood Sacrifice



  • In Hebrews 7, in what ways is Jesus’ priesthood different than the priesthood in the Jewish religion? (check all that apply)
  • According to our texts, the word “shadow” in Hebrews 10:1 is used in what sense? (check all that apply)
  • Which of the following is one of the aspects in 8:3–6 around which a priest’s ministry revolves? (check all that apply)
  • According to Hebrews 5:14, the earmarks of spiritual maturity are (check all that apply):
  • The fourth warning passage in Hebrews is found in Chapter
  • According to Allen, “The Most Holy Place” in Hebrews 9:8 is best understood as:
  • Which of the following terms are NOT a part of the ABCs of the Christian faith in Hebrews 6:1-3?
  • According to Cockerill, the Old Covenant could effectively blot out man’s sins.
  • According to Cockerill, chapters 8 through 10 of Hebrews provide some of the clearest teachings on Jesus’ role as our human brother in suffering.
  • According to Cockerill, the term “enlightened” in 6:4 means that those people were converted.
  • Allen notes that the word “new” in the quotation of Jeremiah 31:31-34 by the author in Hebrews 8:8-12 is the only time in the Old Testament where the New Covenant is specifically mentioned.
  • According to Allen, Hebrews 8:7-13 is lexically framed by the use of photos. “first.”
  • Scholars unanimously contend that the language of 6:4–6 indicates that the apostates were NOT genuine Christians before they fell away.
  • According to Hebrews 7:11, the Levitical priesthood is permanent, never to be abolished.
  • According to Allen, Hebrews 9:15 is the hinge verse in the entire chapter, whose internal structure contains three major propositions, namely, Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, the result of Christ’s mediation is that those who are called may receive the promised inheritance, and Christ’s death is necessary to provide atonement.
  • According to Allen, the theme of Hebrews 8:1-13 is the superiority of the New Covenant inaugurated by Jesus and the obsolescence of the Old Covenant as a result.
  • According to Cockerill, the reference “heavenly gift” in Hebrews 6:4 refers to salvation.
  • Allen argues that the word apoptosis [the standard word for redemption in the New Testament] is wrongly translated as “ransom” in the NIV, that it does not necessarily imply a debt payment, but conveys the idea of deliverance or liberation and forgiveness.
  • Christ’s death, according to Hebrews 9:15–20, put the New Covenant into effect.
  • Your textbooks indicate that Hebrews chapter 8 shows an anti-Semitic streak in the author’s letter.
  • According to Hebrews 10:3-4, animal sacrifices reminded the Jews annually of their sins and provided atonement for their sins.
  • According to Allen, the metaphor “footstool” in Hebrews 10:13 describes the situation whereby enemies “are completely subdued.”
  • According to Cockerill, Hebrews 9:19 exactly follows Exodus 24:3-8 in describing Moses’ act of sprinkling blood on the book of the covenant and on the people.
  • In Chapter 7, the author is trying to convey that Jesus, like Melchizedek, is an eternal priest.
  • According to your textbooks, Hebrews 7:1–3 indicates that Melchizedek is the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ.
  • Hebrews 6:12 teaches that the fruit of true faith is shown in faithful perseverance in the things of God until God fulfills his promises.
  • The third warning text in Hebrews starts in Chapter 7.
  • Melchizedek is only mentioned in the OT in Genesis 14 and Psalm 110.
  • Abraham was superior to Melchizedek in both position and authority.
  • According to your textbooks, Melchizedek was superior to Abraham in both position and authority.


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