Buy Solved OTCL 520 Quiz 2

Buy Solved OTCL 520 Quiz 2



  1. All, every
  2. The three types of Hebrew prepositions are Independent, Dependent, and Inseparable.
  3. ֵבּין
  4. ? ִמן When used as an inseparable preposition, what happens to the spelling of
  5. Good
  6. Substantive adjectives function
  7. ָרחוֹק
  8. Which of the following prepositions are said to be inseparable?
  9. Hebrew attributive adjectives agree with the noun they modify in gender, number, and definiteness.
  10. ֫דּל
  11. שֶָׂדה
  12. Before, in front of
  13. הָ ִאישׁ טוֹב :Translate
  14. ֶאל
  15. עִם
  16. Above
  17. Holiness
  18. The three uses of ִמן are the Comparative, the Superlative, and the Indicative.
  19. ? ֵאת/ ֶאת־ What is the use of the word
  20. Which of the following examples represents the correct way to prefix a preposition with a definite noun?

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