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Buy Solved PSYC 341 Quiz 5



  • According to Carl Rogers, _____ is the protection of the self-concept against anxiety and threat by the denial or distortion of experiences inconsistent with it.
  • According to Carl Rogers, our perceptions of other people’s view of us are called
  • According to Rogers, incongruence occurs when there is
  • Which of the following terms is least appropriate with regard to Carl Rogers?
  • Rogers would say that unconditional positive regard is at the greatest variance with
  • Rogers called the tendency for matter (organic and inorganic) to evolve from simple to more complex forms
  • In general, the Chicago Studies demonstrated that client-centered therapy
  • According to Rogers, the _____ includes all those aspects of one’s being and one’s experiences that are perceived in awareness by an individual.
  • According to Rogers, infants begin to develop a vague concept of self when a portion of their experience becomes personalized and differentiated in
  • “I lived my childhood as a middle child in a large, close-knit family, where hard work and a highly conservative (almost fundamentalist) Protestant Christianity were about equally revered. Although I intended to become a farmer, I lost interest in farming and became deeply involved with religious activities on my college campus.” The most likely author of this quote is
  • The research on the effectiveness of client-centered therapy reported by Rogers and Dymond indicated that after therapy, clients
  • Carl Rogers is best known as
  • Rogers believed that a successful therapist
  • Which of these is not a characteristic of Rogers’ “person of tomorrow”?
  • In describing psychological maladjustment, Rogers preferred to speak of it in terms of
  • According to Rogers, compliments and positive feedback
  • According to Rogers’ view of the therapeutic process, psychological growth appears to be dramatic and there is an irreversible movement toward becoming fully functioning or self-actualizing at
  • Existential therapists must
  • May suggested that freedom and destiny are
  • From an existential perspective, people acquire freedom of action
  • May claimed that members of technologically advanced civilizations are most likely to suffer guilt connected with
  • Which of the following is a common element found among most existential thinkers?
  • For May, neurotic symptoms
  • From an existential perspective, as people realize that they are in charge of their own destinies, they experience the
  • May believed that _____ is our ultimate destiny.
  • May’s childhood was marked by
  • According to May, respecting another’s Dasein is a condition for living in
  • May considered eros the salvation of
  • is the world of nature and natural law and includes biological drives, such as hunger and sleep, and such natural phenomena as birth and death.
  • According to the concepts of existentialism, Mitwelt refers to
  • According to May, a person’s refusal to accept ontological guilt
  • According to the concepts of existentialism, _____ is the world of objects and things that would exist even if people had no awareness.
  • According to May, healthy people
  • To Allport, a broad, comprehensive theory is preferable to a narrow, specific theory even if it does not generate as many testable hypotheses. This is referred to as the _____ approach to theory building.
  • Research indicates that people who hold an intrinsic religious orientation tend to
  • To identify personal dispositions, Allport and Henry Odbert counted nearly _____ personally descriptive words in the 1925 edition of Webster’s New International Dictionary, about a fourth of which described personality characteristics.
  • Which of the following statements is true of Gordon Allport’s concept of functional autonomy?
  • The Religious Orientation Scale (ROS) assumes both _____ and _____ orientation toward religion.
  • Allport criticized older theories of personality for
  • According to Gordon Allport, the motives of a mature individual would be
  • According to Gordon Allport, psychologically mature people are characterized by
  • According to Gordon Allport, which of the following criteria for the mature personality refers to mature people continually seeking to identify with and participate in events outside themselves?
  • “The dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his characteristic behavior and thought” is Allport’s definition of
  • Allport’s theory of personality is based mostly on
  • Perseverative functional autonomy is
  • Allport’s comprehensive definition of personality suggests that human beings are
  • Allport contended that adult motives are
  • To Allport, the most important structures of personality are those that permit the description of a person in terms of individual characteristics, and he called these individual characteristics
  • According to Allport, which of the following groups of people has the highest capacity of making a free choice?
  • Gordon Allport defined _____ as any acquired system of motivation in which the tensions involved are not of the same kind as the antecedent tensions from which the acquired system developed.

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