Download Guided Ashford PHI 208 Week 5 Quiz

Download Guided Ashford PHI 208 Week 5 Quiz

  1. What hypothetical scenario does the author use to highlight the difficulties of separating moral reasoning and everyday practical reasoning?
  2. With what does the major moral theory known as utilitarianism primarily concern itself?
  3. According to “The Ring of Gyges,” the ring gave the shepherd who found it
  4. Jessie tells Adam, “Murder is wrong, no matter what beliefs or traditions a culture has.” Jessie’s idea is an example of
  5. In philosophical terms, to support a particular moral position usually implies
  6. Which of the following ideas do Glaukon and Nietzsche share?
  7. According to Glaukon in “The Ring of the Gyges,” people are naturally
  8. Which of the following is NOT one of the three major moral theories?
  9. According to the author, which statement would support cultural relativism but conflict with the best explanation of notion of “respect”?
  10. What is NOT one of the assumptions that may lead someone to avoid thinking critically about moral issues?
  11. Late one night over coffee, Ali and James get into a meandering conversation about the meaning and nature of love, whether anyone can ever truly love anyone else. What kind of judgments would the issues raised in this conversation be BEST described as?
  12. In the context of philosophy, what are claims?
  13. The text uses the metaphor of a house to explain the relationship between metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Which part of the house represents normative ethics?
  14. According to Mill, how can we determine the difference between higher and lower pleasures?
  15. What did John Stuart Mill believe about those who sacrifice their own happiness for that of others?
  16. Why does Mill call utilitarianism a “more profoundly religious [doctrine] than any other”?
  17. Utilitarianism and consequentialism more broadly are ethical theories that __________.
  18. Allen is a critic of utilitarianism. Of the following sentences, which is LEAST likely to factor into his critique?
  19. According to John Stuart Mill, utilitarianism takes into account the happiness of
  20. All of the following can make it difficult to calculate an action’s utility EXCEPT
  21. According to John Stuart Mill, what is the ultimate purpose of everything we do?
  22. Who is considered the father of utilitarianism?
  23. Utilitarianism is a form of what broader ethical theory?
  24. Which of the following statements is a common misconception about utilitarian philosophy?
  25. What would not be a utilitarian argument for same-sex couples being allowed to marry?
  26. Lois considers herself an act utilitarian. Accordingly, which of the following statements is Lois MOST likely to make?
  27. Which of these statements is one way to express Kant’s Categorical Imperative?
  28. The kantian theory says that people have a __________ duty to cultivate their talents.
  29. The duty to always treat humanity as an end-in-itself and never as a mere means is a(n) __________.
  30. In Rwanda, a farmer is hiding a group of persecuted Tutsis from a Hutu military commander. The farmer believes that he has to always tell the truth and that this is a categorical imperative. If the Hutu commander asks if he has any hidden Tutsis, and he tells the truth, who is to blame for the Tutsis’ capture according to Kantian theory?
  31. Xavier, a retail store owner, wants to always act on duty. Knowing this, which of the following sentiments is Xavier MOST likely to express?
  32. What is one way Lilly can determine if her actions respect her friends as ends in themselves?
  33. Ursula is a student of Kantian philosophy who argues that we should never use people as a means to an end unless
  34. According to deontological ethics, duties are
  35. Some people claim that all Americans have a fundamental right to health care. What would a deontological thinker add to that claim, if it were true?
  36. Professor Donovan is a Kantian philosopher. Therefore, she argues that the true value of “goodwill” lies in
  37. For Kant, the respect we owe people has to do primarily with their __________.
  38. According to Kant, suicide is
  39. In The Nicomachean Ethics, how does Aristotle begin his inquiry into ethics?
  40. The personal qualities that enable an individual to live a good life and flourish as a human being are known as __________.
  41. Aristotle is one of the most important figures in Western history because he accomplished all of the following EXCEPT:
  42. The cardinal virtues that Aristotle claims are crucial to living a flourishing life are
  43. The author suggests that, according to virtue ethics, the primary reason people think they ought to take certain actions and avoid others is more fundamental than merely respecting rules or producing the best consequences. Rather, that reason is
  44. Dana, a philosophy major, supports the conclusions she reads in Nicomachean Ethics. Knowing this, how do you think Dana defines happiness?
  45. How do utilitarian and deontological views of “good character” compare with Aristotle’s view?
  46. Which of the following is probably the LEAST necessary character trait needed to be a good clinical nurse?
  47. The __________ objection to Aristotle’s philosophy says that virtue ethics does not provide us with adequate direction for making or evaluating moral choices.
  48. Aristotle states that if we ask what the highest good is,
  49. One of the fundamental questions asked by virtue ethicists is
  50. Who is the primary source for this chapter’s study of virtue ethics?

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