Download Guided Ashford PSY 301 Week 4 Quiz

Download Guided Ashford PSY 301 Week 4 Quiz

  1. Research shows that women are more relationally aggressive than men.
  2. Bandura’s _______________ proposed that people observe and model the behavior of others.
  3. According to your textbook, Sigmund Freud believed that in order to control our aggressive drives___________ was necessary.
  4. Which of these represents the best illustration of aggression?
  5. Freud believed that if people do not vent their emotions,
  6. A serial killer is a person that repeatedly commits acts of
  7. Relational aggression is focused on destroying social status.
  8. Which age group tends to be most physically aggressive?
  9. When aggression increases in the presence of weapons, this is called
  10. During a very hot summer, a prison’s air conditioning system stopped working. Later that day, a riot broke out. It was later determined there was a direct relationship between the extreme heat and the riot. This best exemplifies
  11. Evan has written a will wherein all of his estates will go to help underprivileged children. He has not shared this decision with anyone and has no expectations of any personal benefits. According to your textbook, Evan’s decision represents an example of _______________.
  12. Any act of altruism is also an act of prosocial behavior.
  13. Altruism is a phenomenon that does not vary from one culture to another.
  14. According to researchers, when we are able to adopt another person’s perspective, we become more likely to act in an altruistic way. This is called the
  15. Leroy wants to secure a promotion at his company. He has begun to arrive at work one hour early each day and stay one hour after quitting time. This increased amount of time spent at work is essentially a(n) ______________ goal.
  16. Leroy wants to secure a promotion at his company. He has begun to arrive at work one hour early each day and stay one hour after quitting time. This increased amount of time spent at work is essentially a(n) ______________ goal.
  17. Evolutionary theorists would argue that a person would most likely help their
  18. Angela joined her professor’s research team in the hopes of getting a letter of recommendation for graduate school. Joining the research team was a(n) ______________.
  19. ___________ involves helping others and ____________ involves helping others with no self-interests involved.
  20. According to evolutionary theorists, kin selection is a genetic reality.
  21. A large factor in how we form relationships or come to like a person has to do with
  22. According to your text, attachment theory helps to explain the bonds we have with those to whom we are close. Which of the following is credited as having developed this theory?
  23. Time and emotional energy are NOT examples of investments in a relationship.
  24. Recall that research by Duck (1982) suggests that the process of relationship breakup
  25. Which couple most likely best exemplifies companionate love?
  26. A physically attractive employee is MORE likely to be terminated from employment than an unattractive employee.
  27. Dating research shows that _______________ may be the single most important factor in satisfaction with a dating partner.
  28. A relationship in which partners respond to each other’s needs with no concern about a reciprocal response is a(n) ____________ relationship.
  29. Computer-generated (averaged) faces are seen by most people as the most attractive.
  30. A relationship is said to have equity when

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