Download Guided AVIA 435 Quiz 3

Download Guided AVIA 435 Quiz 3


  1. Takeoff with engine fuel feed temperature readouts below __________ degrees C is prohibited.
  2. DC BUS 2 is protected by __________?
  3. Pressing the EMER DEPR(ESS) switch lights on the Cabin Press Control Panel drives the outflow valves fully open and allows the cabin altitude to climb to (a maximum of) __________ feet.
  4. Which position of the Cargo Fan Switch maintains a suitable temperature for live cargo?
  5. According to the Originating Check, what are the correct switch positions for the left and right 14th stage SOVs on the BLEED AIR PANEL? (Ref: CR2 OM 2-3.4)
  6. Which circuit breaker panel is located behind the First Officer’s seat?
  7. How many nicad batteries are installed in the aft equipment bay?
  8. The STDBY (STBY) fan position on the ARINC Fan selector: (Ref: CR2 OM 11-7.4)
  9. Which of the following is required to be selected Off for takeoff?
  10. During normal operations, AC electrical power is provided by __________ AC generators.
  11. Fluid from three independent hydraulic systems powers:
  12. What is the maximum permissible individual loading on the APU generator at 37,000 feet?
  13. Which of the following statements is correct?
  14. Which of the following is/are true concerning the automatic thrust lever retard system?
  15. The normal source of DC power comes from __________ TRUs.
  16. What is the power source for the internal cabin reading lights? (Ref: CR2 OM 11-6.8)
  17. Which DC bus provides power to the aircraft navigation lights?
  18. Which of the following is/are true concerning the two pneumatic air conditioners (Packs) in the Environmental Control System? (Ref: CR2 OM 11-7.1)
  19. The APR system is armed for takeoff when:
  20. Where is the 14th stage isolation valve located? (Ref: CR2 OM 11-19.3)
  21. When no bleed air is provided or electrical power is lost, the 10th stage SOVs are
  22. In-flight, Hydraulic System 1 and 2 B pumps can manually be selected ON as long as:
  23. Where is the 10th stage isolation valve located?
  24. The maximum permissible fuel imbalance between the contents of the main left tank and the main right tank is __________ lbs.
  25. The cabin pressurization system must not be operated to __________ feet when the system is in manual mode.
  26. Two __________ are installed in each wing leading edge to detect uncontrolled leakage of the anti-ice piccolo tubes.
  27. Which of the following is/are true concerning the Bleed Air Control Panel? (Ref: CR2 OM 11- 19.4)
  28. Inlight, which of the following statements is/are correct?
  29. During automatically powered crossflow, if a fuel imbalance of more than __________ exists between the fuel tanks, the fuel computer opens the crossflow valve associated with the low wing tank allowing fuel to flow to that wing tank.
  30. The 10th stage Bleed Air Leak Detection System uses a __________ overheat detection system.
  31. What is the in-flight maximum permissible continuous load on each Transformer Rectifier (TRU) is __________ amps.
  32. When the (either) wing tank quantity drops below __________, the fuel computer initiates fuel transfer from the center tank to the wing tank.
  33. In the AUTO mode the B pumps for Hydraulic Systems 1 and 2 will operate when:
  34. The high pressure used to create motive flow must be provided from the high-pressure output developed from
  35. The maximum operating altitude single pack is __________ feet .
  36. In the Refueling/Defueling section, what does the acronym MLI stand for?
  37. The bleed air 10th stage valves must be __________.
  38. The APU battery is rated at 24 volts and __________ amp/hr.
  39. The 14th stage Bleed Air Leak Detection System uses a __________ overheat detection system.
  40. With the Engine Speed Switches selected ON, the switchover from N2 and N1 speed governing occur above __________ N1.

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