Download Guided AVMX 451 Quiz 2 / Test 2

Download Guided AVMX 451 Quiz 2 / Test 2


  1. Which of the following would require an EO?
  2. The control function of PP&C allows for
  3. Federal regulations which relate to aviation are found in
  4. Generally speaking, the higher the level of management
  5. If maintenance is deferred due to an MMEL item that is NOT related to a system or equipment, the operator needs to also reference what document.
  6. Which function of evaluation is responsible for auditing outside suppliers and contractors for compliance with both the company’s and regulatory requirements?
  7. Under the separation of production and oversight functions, the requirement for self-monitoring is usually in the form of
  8. Which program or group is responsible for the procurement, organization, and tracking of parts and supplies?
  9. If damage to an aircraft is beyond that allowed by the SRM, which of the following must take place?
  10. Which of the following is considered variable routine?
  11. Addressing a hydraulic leak found during routine inspections is considered to be what type of task?
  12. A CASS program may include
  13. Which of the following deals with the day-to-day operations of M&E?
  14. Task Cards are developed by
  15. Which documentation contains detailed explanations and descriptions of how systems on the aircraft work?
  16. Which group is responsible for determining tasks needed to be performed at a given time and packaging tasks into workable checks?
  17. Since service bulletins and service letters are not regulatory (FAA required), the engineering department has the authority to either incorporate them or ignore them.
  18. It is the responsibility of the operating airline to ensure that any and all work done by all outside contractors is done in accordance with that airline’s own maintenance requirements.
  19. When an aircraft is sold, the maintenance records for that aircraft stay with the original owner as proof that all maintenance performed by that operator was done in accordance with the appropriate requirements.
  20. Advisory circulars are regulatory.
  21. Aircraft electrical wire is classified based on the American Wire Gauge which has been used for over 150 years. In this system, the larger the diameter of the wire, the smaller the number or gauge of the wire.
  22. Match the following certificate with the appropriate description.

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