Download Guided CCOU 201 Quiz 4

Download Guided CCOU 201 Quiz 4


  1. According to the book, if people who feel unforgiveness can _____ with the transgressor temporarily, then this can erode some unforgiveness.
  2. Counseling techniques are merely structures through which God sometimes sovereignly acts.
  3. What is the name of the method the author of the text has created that describes a series of steps in accomplishing forgiveness?
  4. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) for the American Psychiatric Association recently included diagnostic codes for sexual addition.
  5. With ______, sex addiction is more often experienced with romance or love addiction.
  6. According to the text, there are _____ classic criteria that define sexual addition.
  7. People forgive best if they are motivated to forgive altruistically in blessing other people, rather than wanting to get a blessing for themselves through physical or mental health.
  8. Which of the following are not one of the four types of accounts that an offender will attempt regarding transgressions?
  9. What does the “A” stand for in the acronym REACH?
  10. Sex addicts, like alcoholics and other addicts, suffer from what type of “thinking” that causes them to lose touch with who they truly are in Christ and believe they are worthless?
  11. One way of symbolizing forgiveness is through writing a brief description of the offense and doing what?
  12. Which biblical character was mentioned in the text as having 700 wives and 300 concubines that caused him to turn away from the Lord?
  13. How many types of forgiveness are identified in the text?
  14. To assist in maintaining forgiveness, the authors of this text recommend people do which of the following after deciding to forgive?
  15. Sometimes sex addictions can have a tolerance effect but they do not necessarily always progress over time.
  16. What is the best way to describe sobriety from sex addiction according to the text?
  17. The author states that the only way to heal trauma is to help addicts find meaning in it.
  18. What does the “E” stand for in the acronym REACH?
  19. According to the text, talk therapy and spiritual direction are essential parts of a treatment plan to help addicts understand their wounded core beliefs and the gospel truth.
  20. All of the following are treatment methods identified in the text that can aid sex addition EXCEPT:
  21. What did the author of this section in the text admit struggling with at age 11 that the Lord later restored him of?
  22. A diagnosis of sex addition can be made mainly and most reliably through a ________.
  23. What culture is specifically mentioned in the text from the Bible that also struggled with sexual sin?
  24. Most sex addicts experience depression at some level and many have even considered suicide.
  25. One way identified in the text to become a more forgiving person is to utilize
  26. Abuse can leave an addict starving for love and nurturance but not feeling he or she deserves it. Which of the following statements are true regarding what the author states about sex addicts?
  27. What kind of forgiveness is described as declaring that one is not going to seek revenge or avoid the other person but will do his or her best to get along in the future?
  28. The text mentions that sex addicts hang onto wanting to control their own lives and as participants in original sin, do not put their trust in God. According to James 1:8 sex addicts are
  29. What do McCullough, Fincham, and Tsang call the inhibition of expressing negative motivations that can cause people to act ways such as revenge or avoidance?
  30. According to the text, a(n) ______ is a request for an explanation if a person believes he or she has been transgressed against.
  31. Jesus clearly states that if we forgive, we will be forgiven but if we do not forgive
  32. Which disciple asked Jesus, “How many times must I forgive one who harms me” according to the text?
  33. The authors state that there is only one path to forgiveness that people must follow.
  34. Unforgiveness might be rekindled if the person ruminates about the event.
  35. There are two ends of the spectrum that are mentioned in the text regarding sexual addictions. On one end there are those who _________, while on the other end, others are involved in _________.
  36. What analogy do the authors provide in the text to describe a way to help people remember and understand the concept of forgiveness?
  37. While there has not been pure empirical research on the prevalence of sexual addiction in the general population, conservative estimates in the field would place it around 3%.
  38. What are referred to as “aggravating accounts” that the book says make matters worse under the topic of transgressions?
  39. What kind of forgives is described as involving a change of heart in which one replaces negative emotions of resentment, bitterness, hostility, anger, hatred, and fear with more positive feelings toward the person such as empathy and compassion?
  40. According to the text, one main feature of addiction is that addicts become ______ tolerant to the chemical that sex, love, and romance produce.

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