Download Guided CSIS 312 Final

Download Guided CSIS 312 Final


  1. When no access modifier is specified for a method or variable, the method or variable:
  2. Which superclass members are inherited by all subclasses of that superclass?
  3. Overriding a method differs from overloading a method because:
  4. BigDecimal gives you control over how values are rounded. By default:
  5. Which of the following statements is true?
  6. The default equals implementation of class Object determines:
  7. Which of the following keywords allows a subclass to access a superclass method even when the subclass has overridden the superclass method?
  8. Which statement is true when a superclass has protected instance variables?
  9. When a subclass constructor calls its superclass constructor, what happens if the superclass’s constructor does not assign a value to an instance variable?
  10. When implementing a method, use the class’s set and get methods to access the class’s ________ data.
  11. Consider the abstract superclass below:
  12. Which of the following is false?
  13. When a superclass variable refers to a subclass object and a method is called on that object, the proper implementation is determined at execution time. What is the process of determining the correct method to call?
  14. Polymorphism enables you to:
  15. Assigning a subclass reference to a superclass variable is safe ________.
  16. Polymorphism allows for specifics to be dealt with during:
  17. Which statement best describes the relationship between superclass and subclass types?
  18. Which of the following statements is false?
  19. A(n)______________class cannot be instantiated.
  20. Which of the following statements about abstract superclasses is true?
  21. Consider the statement below:
  22. StringBuilder objects can be used in place of String objects if ________.
  23. The String method substring returns ________.
  24. Consider the statements below:
  25. To find the character at a certain index position within a String, use the method ________.
  26. Which of the following statements is true?
  27. Given the following declarations:
  28. Consider the Java segment:
  29. Given the following declaration:
  30. For
  31. Which of the following does not implement an interface List?
  32. PriorityQueue method __________ inserts an element at the appropriate location in the queue.
  33. Collections method __________ returns true if two Collections have no elements in common.
  34. If no elements are in the Stack, method pop throws an __________.
  35. Collections method sort that accepts a List as an argument. It sorts the List elements, which must implement the __________ interface.
  36. Algorithm __________ randomly orders a List’s elements.
  37. Which statement is false?
  38. Which statement is false?
  39. Which statement is false?
  40. The classes and interfaces which comprise the collections framework are members of package ________.
  41. The operands of an operator are evaluated ________.
  42. When a generic class is instantiated without specifying a type argument, it is said to have a __________.
  43. Class Number is ________ of both Integer and Double.
  44. All of the following are true for both recursion and iteration except ________.
  45. __________ enable programmers to specify, with a single method declaration, a set of related methods.
  46. Which of the following statements about recursion are true?
  47. After a fractal’s pattern is applied several times, the shape of the fractal will generally become ________.
  48. All generic method declarations have a type parameter section delimited by __________.
  49. A recursive method.
  50. The recursion step should:

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