Download Guided ECON 214 Quiz Unemployment

Download Guided ECON 214 Quiz Unemployment


ECON 214 Quiz: Unemployment

  1. If the relevant population is 268 million people and the number of people in the labor force is 148 million, the number of people NOT in the labor force is equal to:
  2. The government can assist in reducing the level of structural unemployment by:
  3. Holding all else constant, if people who are currently discouraged workers decide to start looking for jobs again, you will see:
  4. Unemployment caused by delays in matching available jobs and workers is called:
  5. The sum of the number of unemployed and the number of employed is:
  6. Workers who lose their job because of market innovations are considered:
  7. Which of the following statements about unemployment is true?
  8. Labor force participation rates among teenagers are:
  9. The government has decided to give governmental grants to community colleges that offer job training for individuals who have recently been laid off due to their outmoded skills. The government is trying to reduce the level of:
  10. If a jobless person has not sought a job in ____________ weeks, that person is not counted in the unemployment statistics.
  11. Which of the following two types of unemployment occur even when the economy is healthy and growing?
  12. If the economy is expanding beyond its long-run capabilities, we know that:
  13. Frictional unemployment is present in an economy because:
  14. According to the table, the number of people not in the labor force is equal to:
  15. Zero unemployment:

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