Download Guided EDUC 201 Quiz 7

Download Guided EDUC 201 Quiz 7


  1. Rules, procedures, and routines are good examples, and effective teachers use these to manage their classrooms.
  2. 1 in ______ youth is affected by bullying during the school year, negatively impacting millions of children, parents, and individuals in our schools and communities.
  3. Law enforcement partners who work collaboratively with school officials to ensure safety are
  4. The Responsive Classroom believes that the social curriculum is more important than the academic curriculum.
  5. The use of classroom jobs facilitates classroom routines while allowing the students to feel important to the community.
  6. Identify the term Jacob Kounin coined (1970), which teachers sometimes interpreted as having “eyes in the back of your head” to ward off any undesirable behavior.
  7. Teachers and schools are responsible for creating a harassment-free environment in which all students are safe to learn.
  8. To create a classroom community, teachers must provide opportunities and structures that can encourage students to help and support one another. To do so, teachers need to offer ______ instruction so that students learn how to support one another.
  9. When all students are invested and share a sense of common purpose, the teacher has created a classroom community.
  10. Since 2000, conservative estimates suggest that there have been more than ______ school shootings at elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States.
  11. Teachers need to be fully conscious or ______ at all times, especially with a large group of students.
  12. ______ refers to teachers explaining or mapping out the class with students.
  13. Which percentage of students experience sexual harassment during their school lives?
  14. Autonomy, competence, and ______are psychological needs essential to human growth and development.
  15. Good communication and ______ with your students are vital for creating a classroom in which everyone feels responsible for managing the environment and working toward the common good.
  16. Students can sense when you are honestly interested in them as people as well as learners.
  17. Identify the term for bullying or harassment through electronic means.
  18. ______ students are more likely to be victims of bullying.
  19. refers to teachers showing respect for all students by setting realistic expectations and offering guidance and support.
  20. Teachers have different personalities, but one important thing they have in common is that they are the ______ adult in the classroom.
  21. To build a sense of community, teachers should develop rules ______ with students and be clear about these.
  22. The role of school-based law enforcement officials is to create a safer environment for both students and
  23. refers to a teacher telling students what to expect and then delivering on that.
  24. Intrator (2003) stated that good teachers live for those moments when the students are _
  25. Identify the term that describes harassment based on a student’s failure to conform to sex stereotypes.

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