Download Guided EDUC 665 Quiz 1

Download Guided EDUC 665 Quiz 1



EDUC 665 Quiz 1: Support Service Foundations

  1. According to the author, American Higher Education institutions aim to “invoke a sense of continuity and heritage” in order to:
  2. 1945-1970 is referred to as the “Golden Age” in higher education due to:
  3. According to the author, institutions often increase spending in an attempt to:
  4. The author credits the emergence of the for-profit institution to all of the following:
  5. The term “Student Affairs” was first used to describe the student service profession in what era?
  6. Among other outcomes, the Buckley Amendment gave more power to:
  7. According to the author, the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act of 1944 had all but which of the following unintended outcomes?
  8. What word best describes the social perception related to Higher Education noted in the late 1800s?
  9. What institutional distinction highlighted the “German model” in the late 1800s?
  10. Opportunities for women to attend college increased exponentially after which historical event?

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