Download Guided EDUC 815 Quiz Correlational Designs

Download Guided EDUC 815 Quiz Correlational Designs

  1. If a researcher wishes to determine how well a combination of predictor variables correlates with a composite of several criterion variables, the appropriate statistical technique to use is
  2. The multiple correlation coefficient between predictor variables and grades is .50. This finding means that
  3. An important factor in deciding which correlational technique to use is
  4. If every point in a scattergram plotting variable X and variable Y falls on the line of best t, we can conclude that
  5. A correlation matrix is used to
  6. Path analysis is an appropriate statistical technique when
  7. Prediction research can be done for the purpose of
  8. A correlation coefficient of .20 between two variables
  9. If every increase in score on a test of literary knowledge is accompanied by an increase in score on an intelligence test, one can conclude that
  10. If the relationship between two variables is markedly nonlinear, the researcher should determine the degree of relationship by computing a
  11. Multiple regression involves
  12. Hierarchical linear modeling is a statistical technique that can be used for understanding
  13. A scattergram can detect
  14. “To provide the most powerful test of the causal relationship specified by a theory, a researcher should use”
  15. A limitation of the shotgun approach to identifying variables that correlate with a criterion variable is that
  16. “Multiple regression, path analysis, hierarchical linear modeling, and structural equation modeling are similar in that all of them”
  17. The size of a research sample
  18. A scattergram provides a visual representation of
  19. In research investigating relationships between variables, it is best if
  20. A major advantage of correlational research designs over causal-comparative research designs is that

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